Friday, 18 April 2008

Ali Dizaei in race hustling shock

A senior Muslim policeman has said the Metropolitan Police's (Met) recruitment process is putting off young Muslims.

National Black Police Association President and Met Police Commander Ali Dizaei said the process should be "non- biased and fair".

He said some recruits were discouraged because they come under suspicion if they frequently visited some countries.

A Met Police spokesman said all staff regardless of background underwent the same vigorous security procedures.

Speaking to BBC London, Commander Dizaei said: "Just because someone visits a country several times does not necessarily make them a risk.

"We have to be quite careful to ensure our vetting process is non-biased and are fair and get the best people for the jobs without compromising national security."

BBC London's Home Affairs Correspondent Guy Smith said the National Association of Muslim Police told him another concern was that Muslim officers found it difficult to join SO15, the Met's counter-terrorism command, for which you need to be a detective.

Of the 300 current Muslim officers serving in the Met, half have less than three years experience.

This figure suggests that rather a lot of Muslims have been joining up recently, doesn't it? Or at least, that they've been joining up at a faster rate in the last couple of years than they had done previously. Which somewhat undermines Dizaei's claim that young Muslims are being discouraged from joining the force.

One should also note that the alleged "discrimination" consists, not in Muslims receiving inferior treatment, but rather, in the fact that all potential recruits are treated exactly the same. Dizaei claims that Muslim applicants are more likely to come under suspicion because of the countries they visit. But, had I been in the habit of making regular journeys to, say, Afghanistan, then, were I to apply for a job with the police, it is likely that they would look rather askance at me too. Perhaps Dizaei feels that visiting dodgy countries run or populated by large numbers of terrorists or terrorist supporters should not count against an individual's application to join the Met. But if this is what he thinks, then he should come out and make that case, rather than throwing around unsubstantiated accusations of discrimination. Still, I suppose he's just doing what he does best.

In a similar vein, the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) appears, from this BBC report, to be complaining that Muslim officers are not being recruited into SO15, because they are not meeting a requirement that applies to all applicants equally - i.e. being detectives. This is clearly related to the fact that Muslim officers are disproportionately likely to be new or recent recruits. In order to demonstrate actual discrimination, it would need to be shown that Muslim detectives were being denied positions in SO15, wholly or partly because of their religion. The NAMP has not done this. Of course, certain recent stories suggest that it is not unreasonable to question whether it would be wholly desirable to put large numbers of Muslims in a counter-(Islamic) terrorism force anyway.

When Ali Dizaei talks about making the recruitment process "non-biased and fair", he, like most race hustlers, actually means that it should be unfair and biased in favour of his special interest group - in this case, Muslims. He seems to believe that police vetting procedures should be relaxed in cases where the applicant is a Muslim, while his allies in the NAMP apparently feel that it should be easier for Muslims to enter SO15 than for the rest of us. Either that, or they're both in favour of a general lowering of standards for entry to both the police, and SO15, which might help some Muslim, career-wise, but which certainly won't make the police more effective. Either way, they're wrong.

Of course, while there is no evidence whatsoever that Muslims are being discriminated against, one should not imagine that police recruitment procedures are entirely fair. Members of that entirely legal political party, the BNP, are subject to an absolute ban on joining the police. But they're thought criminals, so it doesn't matter, right?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dizai could address the fact that the police discriminate against anyone with a Union Jack tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Well it didn't take COMMANDER Dizaei long to start up again. He kept quiet-ish (well other than his book and a couple of civil cases) whislt waiting for his promotion. No doubt the £80K he got after the failed prosecution mounted against him, following the investigation into his affairs and international movements, costing £7 million, helped him. His agenda isn't even hidden is it? He no doubts wants Muslim officers to be recruited using a specially formulated process and to go straight into a specialism without having to endure any 2 years 'on the beat' (not that that really exists anymore) and to be given specialist postings using a similarly 'postive' process. Of course, special facilities will have to be brought in to enable daily prayer and to be able to choose what duties they 'want' to along ethical (to muslims) lines. The man is a joke, no, a disgrace and I think most people know exactly what he is up to.
We all want a police service that is made up of the best people for the job, recruited using a universal standard, and to stop this positive dicrimination tactic.
I really loathe the man - I just want to read something, sometime about him where life has gone horribly wrong for him. Is that bad of me?

Anonymous said...

Re the BNP police ban, I find this from the BBC article very interesting:

"Acpo head of race and diversity and Leicester Chief Constable Matt Baggott dismissed the BNP's claim as "immaterial".

He said the police had an overriding legal duty to promote race equality and retain public confidence. "

So. There we have it. The overriding duty is not to keep us safe, or to enforce real justice, but to enforce this abominable multicultural police state. By any means necessary.

Dizaei isn't a joke, nor a disgrace. He's a rampant success story. He's doing exactly what Our Benefactors want, which is to destroy the British nation-state to the best of his ability. In his case, that means destroying the ability of the erstwhile British nation-state to protect the British (ie, English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish) people from malcontents like... well, like himself.