Sunday, 8 June 2008

Return to Alum Rock

I see that the pressure group, Christian Voice, have announced plans to descend on the Alum Rock area of Birmingham, where two Christian preachers were recently threatened with arrest by a PCSO. As Christian Voice have often been described as "Christian fundamentalists" by left-wing secularists who wish to imply that they are some Christian equivalent of al-Qaeda, we can presumably expect to see them engage in a vengeful orgy of violent destruction? Astonishingly enough, no. Rather, they will be restricting their activities to the handing-out of leaflets, the same heinous act that Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham committed.

The protest will take place next Saturday, the 14th June. According to the Christian Voice website, the organisation's director, Stephen Green (who has himself previously been arrested and prosecuted for handing out leaflets), had this to say:
The case also raises concerns about the association of Islam and the Police. If people like Naguthney are using the British Police as a launching ground for Muslim activism, whether in the National Association of Muslim Police or in day-to-day police activities, then they should be expelled.

It is less than two years ago when the then Home Secretary John Reid was asked by Abu Izzadeen at a meeting in Leyton, East London : "How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?" There was an outcry, but now we find a Muslim police employee, someone his Chief Constable probably regards as a 'moderate', clearly has the same mind-set as a convicted terrorist.

By the grace of God, this no-go area for the Gospel will be challenged. West Midlands Police Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee has an odd sense of humour creating a post of counter-terrorism and cohesion for Anil Patani to be in charge of. But with people like that at the top, and with its tarnished record, we need to ask how far up West Midlands Police the peculiar bias to Islam demonstrated by the Dispatches affair and Naeem Naguthney's attitude actually goes.
N.B. Anil Patani is the officer responsible for the Undercover Mosque debacle.

It is to be hoped that the West Midlands Police will manage to resist the temptation to arrest, or otherwise impede, Mr Green and his supporters. After all, you'd think that they might have learnt their lesson by now! But then again, it is the West Midlands Police we're talking about: who knows how far their ability to make complete fools of themselves goes?

The reaction of the local Muslims will also be interesting to see. Will the "moderate majority" behave with the same restraint as the "Christian fundamentalists", I wonder?

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JuliaM said...

"But then again, it is the West Midlands Police we're talking about: who knows how far their ability to make complete fools of themselves goes?"

I don't know, but I'm willing to bet we haven't seen the full extent of it yet...

Anonymous said...

The trumpets have sounded...Christians are awaking...Hallelujah...onward Christian soldiers.

Whilst others continue to whine and grumble but take no action the Christian army gathers and begins to march. Count me in.

bernard said...

Well... for a start 'Anonymous' you could begin your Crusade by not being anonymous...

Anonymous said...

Why should I not be anonymous Bernard?

Would having a name make me less anonymous, nobody would know that was my real name.

I am not so clever on the computer and find it easier to just tick the anon box...but perhaps you are is a lazy habit...I shall make the effort to register myself.


JuliaM said...

You don't need to register if you don't want to, Elizabeth. Just tick the Name/URL box and insert a name.

You can put anything you want in there ;)

Andy Armitage said...

I believe Stephen Green should be able to hand out leaflets, and I speak as a gay atheist who has no time at all for Stephen Green and his nutty organisation. But I believe in free speech, and, once we start to take it from others, it won't be long before the authorities see fit to take it from us.

I've blogged here about this matter, and I agreed there - an a gay atheist blog - that the two Christian evangelists, whose views and mine are probably diametrically opposite on many tings - should not have been harrassed by this police nutter.

While I hope Green and his cronies will be able to leaflet, I'm sort of hoping for a confrontation with WM Police, just because I hope it comes to a head and is tested publicly, and the PC PCs at West Midlands Police are made, once again, to grovel.