Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Police are not on our side

Another day, another display of unadulterated cretinism from Her Majesty's police. Their latest heroic exploit? Arresting a seventy-three year-old pensioner for confronting a gang of teenage thugs.

When William Marshall, a retired miner with a heart condition, saw the group throwing bricks at ducks on a canal in Worksop, he, rather bravely, told them to stop. They responded with a barrage of abuse, and after a shouting match, he retreated. As you do, when you're a lone septuagenarian, confronted with several potentially violent men much younger than you.

This was not the first time Mr Marshall had had problems with the gang, and he had made a number of complaints to the police. Accordingly, when two police officers showed up on his doorstep, he naively assumed that they had come in response to his complaints. But he was sadly mistaken, as he swiftly found out, when an officer informed him that he was being arrested on suspicion of assault. One of the young thugs had, it seemed, contacted the police to accuse Mr Marshall of hitting him. And while the police did not see fit to respond to any of Mr Marshall's numerous complaints, they were swift to respond to the first accusation made against him.

Having been arrested, Mr Marshall, who has a previously unblemished record, was kept in a police cell for two hours, before being formally interviewed, and released pending further enquiries. After Mr Marshall's local councillor took up his case, the police have apologised, explaining that the officer in question was "young in service", and, apparently, in need of further training. Personally, I would have hoped that he would get appropriate training before being sent out to harass pensioners. But obviously not...

This is far from being the first time that the police have allowed themselves to be used as, in effect, the enforcers for petty thugs and vandals. Last month I wrote about the case of Julie Lake, who was arrested after slapping a thug who was vandalising a war memorial. In March, I wrote about Fred Brown, who was arrested and charged with assault for giving a clip round the ear to a piece of scum who was vandalising the machines in his launderette. In both these cases, as in Mr Marshall's, the police had failed to respond to repeated complaints about the behaviour of the thugs, but had snapped into action the moment the thugs themselves saw fit to complain that someone had had the effrontery to challenge them. One has to ask what kind of police force responds with such alacrity to the whinings of low-life thugs, while ignoring the justified complaints of law-abiding citizens? A police force, I would suggest, with serious problems, and one which, so far from deserving the substantial pay rise that its members believe to be their due, merits nothing so much as a sizable collective pay cut, as the fitting reward for its uselessness.

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Homophobic Horse said...

No, no, this is what cultural marxist developed indoctrination techniques such as "sensitivity training" does to you.

So this is it. 2008, this is it.

muzzylogic said...

The police are on the police's side, like every profession. That's always been true, but today they're an arm of the corrupt liberal state. They should be threatening to strike about that, not about their pay. They'll regret their selfishness, like many others.

Bert Rustle said...

In my opinion the senior Police are not on the side of the Police. The theme of the disconnect between the Ruling Class and the Electorate occurs in Inspector Gadget . He contributes rather more than Sierra Foxtrot Alpha. For example Gary Newlove or Final Fantasy . From the comments it is evident that the Police Service is officially well advanced on the road to Utopia and that in reality it is an Orwellian nightmare for the rank and file response officer.

It appears to me that within the current framework that actual crime reduction is not possible, only partial reporting of statistics for political purposes. The situation reminds me of the British National Health Service which was once run by consultants for the benefit of consultants, is now run by managers for the benefit of politicians when in fact it should be run by consultants for the benefit of patients. I am also reminded of the imbalance of power between consultants and nurses which appears similar to that between lawyers and police officers.

Typically politicians do not lead but follow, so the electorate is ultimately responsible for the current situation. I would hazard a guess that there will not be substantial changes until the Ruling Class reap what they sow; however as they will remain insulated from the policies they mandate for others will this ever happen? Apparently the Drive-By Media are not prepared to put the work in to create fair reports, the electorate are unwilling to read them and the judiciary and politicians are insulated from reality generally. The Police do not have an electoral mandate and function to gather evidence, not to prosecute, judge, or sentence; as such they are perfectly placed to take the blame for the failings of everybody else.

What happens when Police Officers successfully navigate the Egalitarian MultiCulti maze to the point where the Crown Prosecution Service take action? David Fraser explains in A Land Fit For Criminals: An Insider's View of Crime, Punishment and Justice in the UK He was a senior probation officer for many years and he demonstrates that the CPS are not on our side or that of the Police.