Thursday, 17 January 2008

Scumwatch Special: Scum on the Run

With convicted murderer Daniel Driscoll still on the loose after absconding from Sudbury open prison a month ago, you'd think that the prison service would be keen to, you know, prevent any more killers from escaping into society. Yes, you might very well think that, but you would be wrong:
A police manhunt has been launched after the convicted murderer of a disabled man escaped from a hospital.

Lee Nevins, 24, gave prison guards the slip while being treated at Sunderland Royal Hospital on Tuesday.

He is serving a minimum 17-year term at a top-security Frankland Prison, in Durham for killing Lee Jobling, 20.

I think that the correct word there was 'was'. He was serving a minimum 17-year term at Frankland Prison. He is no longer serving it, because he has escaped.

Supt Gordon Milward said Nevins was taken to hospital with a hand injury and escaped after asking to go to the toilet.

He added: "I am still looking at, as part of the inquiry, the exact security measures that were in place by the Prison Service.

"My understanding is that he had a pair of handcuffs on, keeping his wrists secured and he was also secured to a guard."

Unless he's taken the guard with him, he clearly isn't secured to him anymore. Obviously I'm not an ace detective like the superintendent, but I might hazard a guess that Nevins becoming detached from the guard is not unconnected with his ultimate disappearance. Well done, that guard!

Mind you, the police aren't all that much better themselves:
A paedophile named on a list of the UK's "most wanted" was arrested but later released after police failed to recognise him.

An inquiry is under way after South Yorkshire Police officers only realised who Joshua Karney was after he was fined for being drunk and released.

Karney, 30, is one of five of the UK's most wanted sex offenders after going missing from Lancashire in 2005.


The hunt for Karney has appeared on BBC One's Crimewatch and he is on the Child Exploitation and Online Protection "most wanted" list.

When he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly in Barnsley on 24 November he gave false details and was given a fixed penalty notice.

Karney was released and it was only later that officers checked his fingerprints and realised he was wanted.

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: "We regret greatly that Joshua Karney was released from custody after he gave false details."

Well, as long as you're really sorry. Don't let it happen again, though...

Update: Karney was caught in Hove at about six this evening. So it's just the two murderers we have to worry about now...


JuliaM said...

"I think that the correct word there was 'was'. He was serving a minimum 17-year term at Frankland Prison. He is no longer serving it, because he has escaped."


That statement is almost as misleading as the one from the prosecution in the ongoing Norwich murder case that "...the common denominator in each of their deaths and the disposal of their bodies was the defendant."

Ummm, no, there was another common denominator. They were all prostitutes.

But no doubt to state that is being 'judgemental'. And we wouldn't want that, would we....

Alex said...

The British police force (sorry, police service) is so utterly preposterous that solemnly apologising for releasing dangerous criminals from custody is one of its most polished accomplishments.

muzzylogic said...

Something else to note is PC censorship by the BBC:

Joshua Karney was jailed for a sex offence against a child in Lancashire in 2002...

Knowing the BBC's agenda, I guessed the child was male. It didn't take a moment to confirm it:

Thirty-year-old Joshua Karney was convicted in 2002 of indecently assaulting a 14-year-old boy...

The BBC won't have saintly gays associated with a wicked thing like paedophilia, even if they are much more likely to commit the crime.

Homophobic Horse said...

Common Purpose member Jacqui Smith calls Islamic Terrorism "anti-Islamic". Give it the full FR slam.