Thursday, 29 May 2008

White liberals know best

The following story from the Cambridge Evening News provides a rather interesting insight into the workings of the liberal mind:
ENTERTAINMENT and arts provision in Cambridge does not adequately meet the needs of the multi-cultural mix of the city's residents - according to Cambridge councillors.

But members of the black and ethnic minority groups the council say are under-served feel there is plenty of provision for them.

David Warford, a member of the Cambridge Caribbean Association, said: "I have never heard any of our group complain about a lack of provision of services. We regularly organise trips to the Arts Theatre and the Corn Exchange and proportionally there seems to be a good mix of show and plenty of Afro content."

But council bosses have now been told to look into developing a wider range of entertainment, art and shows to "better meet the interests of the black and minority ethnic communities in Cambridge" after councillors unanimously voted to review the services at a meeting.
So, black people don't actually believe that they are being discriminated against. But, hey, what do they know? The white liberals on Cambridge City Council say that blacks are being oppressed, and they must be right!

And now there will no doubt be some lengthy process of consultations, specially-contrived events aimed at showcasing "Cambridge's cultural diversity", and what not, carried out with plenty of liberal hand-wringing, not to mention the liberal application of public money - all to solve a problem no one ever knew existed!

Hat-tip: Central News


Homophobic Horse said...

Yep, it will be the public money for officious pricksters, that's what they want.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that built into the appraisal systems for all public service organisations (and probably many private sector ones as well)is the DIVERSITY element. In the national police competency frameworks for example almost every job description and its component parts will contain reference to a post holders 'responsibilities' to diversity and minorities. Every job description and advert will contain some Guardian Job advert based tosh about that individuals past 'achievements' in this area. It doesn't concentrate on race either, if one can demonstrate one's commitment to ANY minority group (although race, gender and LGBTG are clear favourites). So to prove their commitment the Cambridge councillors have seized on something, anything, to show any possible critics that they are there and on board. Just a shame that as usual no ones sought the allegedly disaffected group's views!

Alex said...

Ranter is correct, and there's no hope whatsoever that public institutions will abandon their politically correct diversity criteria when deciding a job's description. It would be unlawful for them to do so.

We who continually fulminate against the crimes and follies of the so-called 'liberal' society are wasting our time. Barring some immense social catastrophe that would reverse the 'moral progress' made since the 1960s, nothing will change for the better.