Saturday, 6 October 2007

Legitimate targets

Via North East Scotland Nationalists, the following story:
A British teenager who is accused of plotting to blow up members of the British National Party appeared in court today.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court in London to face two charges under the Terrorism Act 2000.

It is alleged that he had in his possession a copy of the "Anarchists' Cookbook", containing instructions about how to make home-made explosives.

The charges are that he was in possession of material for terrorist purposes in October last year and that he collected or had information useful in the preparation of an act of terrorism.

The teenager, who is a British national but has dual nationality with Pakistan, stood in the dock wearing a baggy, blue hooded top.
"Dual nationality with Pakistan". No religion mentioned, but I wouldn't mind betting that he isn't a Pakistani Christian.

I am not at all surprised to see that BNP members are now being targeted by Muslim terrorists. Not only is the BNP the only British party of any significance that is prepared to come out and challenge Islam, but it has also been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of demonisation by all three major parties, and the MSM. There have also been a number of cases in which public figures have openly advocated the use of violence against members and supporters of the BNP. For example, in November 2004 the "alternative" (as in "alternative to funny") comedian Jeremy Hardy expressed the view that those who support the BNP "should be shot in the back of the head". Earlier in the same year, the singer Billy Bragg announced that he was "in favour" of "duffing [BNP members] up in the street". This constant drip feed of anti-BNP propaganda is in many ways comparable to the campaign of vilification with which the Dutch establishment targeted Pim Fortuyn. And we all know what happened there.

Of course, many Muslims are quite capable of behaving in a violent manner against any non-Muslim, and especially against one who opposes them, straight off their own bat. They do not need the encouragement of the likes of Billy Bragg in order to get aggressive. But the vitriolic and hysterical anti-BNP
language of many in the British media-political elite does often imply that anti-BNP violence is justified - that the BNP are legitimate targets - thereby reinforcing the views of those who would like to commit violence against the BNP anyway, and perhaps encouraging others, who would not otherwise wish to commit anti-BNP violence, to seek do so. If - perhaps when - a BNP member is murdered solely for being a member of this legal political party, then people like Billy Bragg and Jeremy Hardy will have blood on their hands (of course, being communists, they'll probably regard that as a point of pride).

Postscript: Laban Tall points out that al-Beeb is once again spinning for Islam and the left in its coverage of this story. Their report of this trial completely fails to mention either that BNP members were the intended targets of the alleged plot, or that the defendant in this case has dual British-Pakistani nationality. As with the case of Nicholas Roddis, the BBC is doing all it can, short of actually telling outright lies, to imply that this is just another one of those white British Christian terrorist plots. They really have given up even trying to be fair and impartial purveyors of fact, and the sooner the whole corporation is shut down the better.


Anonymous said...

Is this the first internment camp in the UK, built by Common Purpose

Read the comments section

JuliaM said...

"Earlier in the same year, the singer Billy Bragg announced that he was "in favour" of "duffing [BNP members] up in the street"."

I suspect what he really meant was he was in favour of others doing the duffing up. He's no Joe Bugner himself...

And describing him as a 'singer' is being generous!

najistani said...

"Islam is an illogical doctrine that is based on fear and is defended through honor. This makes Islam more dangerous than Nazism. Muslims are not concerned about the irrationality of Islam or about good or evil. They are mostly concerned about losing face and upholding the image of Islam.

One fact we must all agree on is that brute force is stronger than civility. If you and I confront each other and I use violence against you while you try to reason with me, I will win and you will lose. The reason Muslims have won since the time of Muhammad is because the non-Muslims were reluctant to resort to violence while Muslims were always ready to do so. The reason we live in freedom today is because the Europeans responded to Muslim barbarity with equal savagery. If not for the crusaders, we probably would not be free today."


najistani said...

Mohammed said "I have been made victorious with terror"
al-Bukhari Vol. 4, Bk 52, No. 220.

Mohammedans regard Mohammed as 'uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil' - the perfect man whose example is to be followed in all things.

Therefore a true Mohammedan is, by definition, a terrorist.

bernard said...


Ha! There WAS another tru-Brit boxer other than Hungarian born Joe Bugner, you could have used. Namely, Henry Cooper.
Could we do with his Hammer.... right now!!

Anonymous said...

The corruption of the UK gov't and its racism and descrimination against its own, covered by the Official Secrets Act