Sunday, 28 October 2007

SIOE in London

Just a brief note to say that my report on Friday's SIOE demonstration in central London is now up at ATW, together with photographs and a video from the protest. Click here to go to the report.


najistani said...

Islamisation of television:


In his latest drama, Peter Kosminsky focuses on disaffected Muslim youth – but has he gone too far by humanising suicide bombers? ........blah...blah.......It’s clear there are second-generation Muslims who are contemplating extreme action who are not monsters. I think the way to do a service to the relatives and friends of those who died on 7/7 is to try to stop it happening again. And the first step is to try to understand how it could have happened in the first place....blah...blah....“I don’t like it, I have to be honest, when our elected representatives are stupid. The way they are behaving seems absolutely guaranteed to generate the reaction that has been generated. If I were a politician, after global warming I would probably make it my No 1 priority to work slowly to undermine the sense of anger and disillusionment a million British Muslims currently feel, because I think we’re sitting on a real powder keg.”

WHAT A MORON! Doesn't he realise that Muslims will always be angry as long as there are kuffars to enrage them. We don't have to do anything, our very existence is an insult to Islam.

But despite all this dhimmitude, the jihadists are still whingeing and complaining...


A controversial Channel 4 drama, which depicts a second-generation British Muslim woman as a suicide bomber, was condemned last night by the British Muslim Forum. Khurshid Ahmed, the chairman of the forum, called on Channel 4 not to air the film, Britz, which is due to be shown in two parts on Wednesday and Thursday nights.....yadda .....yadda .... The Home Office has viewed the film. A government spokesman said: 'Having seen extracts from the film and heard Mr Kosminsky's comments, we can understand the British Muslim Forum's concerns. Given Channel 4's remit as a public service broadcaster, they should listen to the views of moderate Muslims who reject violence and extremism, and they should air those views alongside this film.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning up and your report, I was there too, and was glad to meet and chat with Anders Gravers, as well as others. It's good that something is being done about the problems we are facing, rather than just talking.

Fulham Reactionary said...


And thanks to you too for turning out. I agree that the fact that the event happened at all is good news, although clearly we need to work on getting more people out for future demonstrations, if we're going to have a real impact.

Anonymous said...

This is a start though, and that is important. If people realise that it is possible to protest, and that there is an organisation doing this, they might be encouraged to follow our example.

Thanks for your blogging work too. I mentioned your blog, as well as View from the Right, to a German I met and had coffee with after the speeches.