Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Well done prisoners!

A man jailed for plotting synchronised attacks in Britain and the United States is "scarred for life" after being attacked in prison, his lawyer said on Sunday.

Mudassar Arani told British broadcaster Channel 4 News that Dhiren Barot, who was imprisoned for life last November, had "lost all hair on his head and he's got scarring all over his face up to his neck".

"Somebody threw hot oil and hot water on my client, whereby he's been scarred for life," she said.

"He's being detained in healthcare at the moment and is receiving medical care."

Channel 4 said the British prisons service confirmed that an inmate was scalded on his head and back, and the police had been informed.

Arani said the attack supported her argument that Muslim inmates should be given special protection because they were "being targeted".

Yes, Miss Arani. It's "Islamophobia" at work, isn't it? And, of course, this attack has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this man had actively worked to inflict unbelievable suffering on the people of this country, and of our ally, America. No, it's just irrational hatred.

Personally, I am quite glad to see that Barot has been given a good thrashing. If our government had any guts, then people like Barot would not be in prison at all: they would be executed. If he is to be in prison, then he should be as miserable and unhappy as possible while he is there, and should suffer a small taste of what he tried to do to others. So well done to the prisoners: anyone who does this to a terrorist can't be all bad!


Anonymous said...

Hot oil? Hot bacon fat would have been more apt.

Anonymous said...

As Maggie Thatcher famously remarked upon being told that we'd recaptured the Falklands:

"Just rejoice at that news!"

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if some crooks might be better judges than the judges we have at present. They seem to have a slightly better moral sense, at least.

Anonymous said...

When you set this against the torment this filthy miscreant was ready to inflict on the innocent, I can't help wishing the cons had greater access to him, his lawyer (snigger), a toasting fork and plenty of dripping.