Monday 30 April 2007

Racist threatens commuter

Detectives looking for a woman who spat at a commuter and threatened to throw her onto railway tracks have released a picture of their main suspect.

The Polish woman victim was subjected to a physical and verbal assault at Streatham train station after asking the suspect when the next train was due.

Hmm. I bet it was one of those evil BNP people that did it. Unite Against Fascism keep telling me that that's the kind of thing they do.

Or not, perhaps:

Police are looking for an African-Caribbean woman of slim build over the attack at 1450 BST on 6 March.

Wow. Black on white racist violence! Who'd have thought it?

Scum of the Earth Round-up

When this blog was in its infancy, I posted about, among others, the thug who attacked a 76 year old nun, after she caught him robbing the convent where she lived. Now, I proudly present to you some "people" who could give that creature a run for his money in the 'Biggest waste of oxygen' contest.

First up, from Nottinghamshire, the "man" who raped an 82 year old stroke victim:
Staff at residential care homes for the elderly are being asked to be extra vigilant after a bed-ridden woman was raped in her room.

A member of staff, at the home in Nottinghamshire, disturbed a naked man attacking the woman in her room at about 0520 BST on Sunday.

The intruder, described as black, slim, aged 20-25 with dreadlocks, ran off.

Det Insp Sean Anderson said the attack against the 82-year-old stroke victim, "defies belief".

Second, in Manchester, the 17 year old who shot a 12 year old girl in the head:
A 12-year-old girl has been shot in the head and critically injured in an incident in Greater Manchester.

Police were called to an address at Wembley Road in Gorton at about 1930 BST to deal with reports of a shooting.

Police and ambulance crews attended and the girl was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.

A 17-year-old boy from Gorton has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He will be questioned later.

And in our glorious capital city? Gang rape by children!
Two schoolgirls were attacked during a "terrible ordeal of rape, humiliation and degradation" after being lured to a park by a gang of boys, a court heard.

The girls were targeted by the three boys, aged 13 and 14, after getting on a bus in south-east London in November 2006, Inner London Crown Court heard.

The boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, deny all the charges against them including six counts of rape.


Instead, the gang led the pair into a park where they carried out their 40-minute attack.

Mr Lucas said one was first forced to perform a sex act on one of the 14-year-olds, before being made to partially strip. He said she was then raped.

The barrister said before she had time to recover from her ordeal she was forced to have oral sex with the other two.

He told the court that in the meantime the second girl had also been ordered to perform a similar sex act on one of the boys.

Mr Lucas continued: "Both girls thought that during the course of the sexual assault they remembered one of the boys holding a phone up and it bleeping as if recording what was going on."

Of course, everyone, including the boys charged in this case, is considered to be innocent until proven guilty, and rightly so. But some animals have committed this heinous act, and they certainly merit a "waste of oxygen" award.

How should the aforementioned vermin be dealt with? Well, the Pub Philosopher has an interesting post on Japanese prisons:

Inmates are kept isolated and mostly in silence, and forced to obey hundreds of military-like rules. Strip searches are common, as are beatings.

Sounds good to me!

Update, 1st May, 10.30pm: Sadly, the 12 year old girl who was shot in the head has since died. It appears that the boy who shot her was 16, and may have been her brother. More details are here.

Labour rigging the vote in Leeds

An undercover Sunday Times reporter has recorded Leeds Labour councillors Keith Wakefield and Graham Hyde urging student activists in the city to break electoral law in the party's desperate bid to stave off annihilation in Thursday's local elections.
Wakefield also praised something which he calls the "Asian voting system", and which everyone else calls 'Muslim vote-rigging'. I have written a post on the subject over at ATW.

Friday 27 April 2007

A weekend away

I'm going to be visiting friends in Bristol this weekend, so there will be a brief lull in posting for the next few days. Normal service should resume on Monday.

During the nearly two-hour each way train journey, I hope to be able to read a good part of Robin Aitken's Can We Trust the BBC?, which I bought the other day. Travelling down to the West Country is actually quite a nice way to relax, particularly once all the commuters get off at Reading.

While I'm away, here's a question to ponder: for how long have the Tories been recruiting their election agents via al-Grauniad? Is it just something that's happened since the rise of "Call me Dave", or has it been going on longer than that?

Thursday 26 April 2007

Population Replacement Watch

One in five schoolchildren is from an ethnic minority - almost double the figure a decade ago.

The annual school census reveals a Britain where one in eight pupils speaks a language other than English at home.

The record figures include more than 40,000 children from Eastern Europe who have enrolled at schools since the enlargement of the European Union in 2004.

The statistics emerged as the race relations watchdog warned that Britain's segregated schools are a "ticking timebomb".

The Commission for Racial Equality's director of policy said parents must stop sending their children to schools where most pupils come from similar religious or racial backgrounds.

Nick Johnson also suggested schools should be given more money to admit a racially mixed intake. He said: "We're in fear of turning into a mini-America with racially determined schools.

"Schools are where our children first learn how to get along with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Racially segregated schools prevent this from happening. This is a ticking timebomb."

Calling people "subhuman" for finding this kind of thing worrying is also a bit of a bar to community cohesion, isn't it, Nick? Perhaps you should take that up with your boss, eh?

His comments came as figures published by the Department for Education and Skills showed the biggest year- on-year increase in ethnic minority pupils for a decade.

They account for just under a fifth (19.8 per cent) of England's 6.5million primary and secondary pupils, up from 11 per cent when Labour came to power.

Meanwhile, the number of primary pupils alone who do not speak English as their first language increased by seven per cent from last year to 448,000 - or about one child in seven. Overall, it is around one in eight.

But the Commission for Racial Equality is concerned that there are not enough resources to integrate pupils from such diverse backgrounds. Mr Johnson said he was particularly worried about Tony Blair's controversial city academies and trust schools.

Well done Nick. Never miss a chance to push a leftist cause, no matter how irrelevant.

He added that some of these are using their extra freedoms to "cream off pupils from certain ethnic backgrounds or religions, thus ... increasing racial tensions".

The Conservatives said ministers had been caught off-guard by the increase in non-native English speakers in schools.

Tory education spokesman David Willetts said: "The Government has completely failed to keep up with the rate of change in our school population."

A DfES spokesman said: "The Education and Inspections Act 2006 placed a new duty on the governing bodies of all maintained schools, including faith schools, to promote community cohesion."

How wonderful. Of course, if successive governments had not embarked on the lunatic scheme of bringing people from all over the world to live together in one country, while at the same time continually undermining and belittling the native population and their culture, then we might not have problems with community cohesion on the scale that we do now. But that's wicked hate speech, and having read it, you must now say three Hail Trevs and genuflect repeatedly before a picture of Mandela, in order that your soul may be cleansed of the stain of "prejudice".

Another "Christian Leader" for Islamification

Following on from the news that the Evangelical Alliance has called on voters to "resist the fascist BNP" (TM), etc, comes news that the call has been taken up by the Anglican Bishop of Blackburn, Nicholas Reade:

A senior Church of England bishop who has a number of British National Party (BNP) councillors in his diocese, has written in an anti-fascist magazine, urging Christians to vote against the party in the forthcoming local elections.

The comments from Rt Rev Nicholas Reade, Bishop of Blackburn, who was writing in 'Searchlight' magazine, make him the latest in a long line of church leaders and denominations to publicly urge votes against the BNP in the local elections next week.

In 2003 the BNP briefly became the official opposition in Burnley, which is in the Bishop's diocese. They now have just seven seats on the council. The bishop said that Lancashire voters should now completely reject the “poison of racial and religious hatred”.

“Sadly there are a small minority of candidates seeking election on the basis of politics that seek to divide,” the Bishop said. “They prefer the poison of racial and religious hatred to the challenge of co-operation. Christians and non-Christians, peoples of all faiths and none, should reject them.

"They should reject them by refusing to vote for them, by pointing out to others the true nature of their poisonous policies, and by turning out to vote for candidates who are committed to constructive co-operation.”

Exactly. "Constructive co-operation" is just what we all need. By way of example, here are some links to recent cases of "constructive co-operation" between Christians and Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Iraq. Oh, and while I'm at it, here, from closer to home, is an example of what happens to those Christians who have converted from Islam:
Mr Hussein, a 39-year-old hospital nurse in Bradford, is one of a growing number of former Muslims in Britain who face not just being shunned by family and community, but attacked, kidnapped, and in some cases killed.
But I don't recall hearing Mr Reade speaking out about that.

I've written a post... the New Crusaders. It's about those Christians who seek alliances with Muslims against secularists, and you can read it here.

The Party of Law and Order

A Tory councillor who criticised looters of a shipwreck is being investigated – for allegedly plundering a BMW motorbike.

Stuart Hughes, who is also a member of a police authority, went on TV to attack scavengers who made off with cargo washed up from the MSC Napoli.

He handed out coastguard forms for looters to report what they had taken from the beach at Branscombe in East Devon.

And he later called for the area to be closed off, saying the plunderers were taking their lives in their hands' by scouring the wreckage.

Now Mr Hughes, 55, has himself been interviewed by police over allegations he removed goods without reporting them.

Police refused to reveal what he is accused of taking but the father-of-two confirmed he has been questioned over the theft of the BMW bike worth £15,000.

Of course, he's innocent until proven guilty.

As were Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken.

Wednesday 25 April 2007

A New Crusade

Mr Smith has set up a new blogging collective, the New Crusaders. At present it's functioning as just another blog, with a number of contributors, but it's hoped that, given time, it will develop into something bigger than just that.

The theme of the site is broadly Christian, and we all believe that Britain (and other Western nations) should return to being Christian nations, as they have been for the past 1,700 years or so. We realised that, while plenty of sites are opposing Islamification, there has not been such a drive to propose a positive alternative, both to an Islamic theocracy, and to a collapse into secular liberal nihilism. The aim of the New Crusaders is to propose that alternative.

I will be one of the contributors, and aside from Mr Smith, the other contributors will be Dee, of the Australian blog Righteous Indignation, and Janie Doe, of the Catholic blog St Catherine of Siena UK. It is hoped that we will recruit more contributors in the future.

Supermarkets: The Hidden Evil

I went to Tesco today. This is not a particularly unusual occurrence, although I do sometimes go to Sainsbury's.

I had thought that what I was doing was innocent, normal. But now I realise, to my eternal shame, that I was actually supporting wicked racism, albeit inadvertently. By shopping at Tesco, I was rendering myself equivalent to those who stood by and watched the Nazi atrocities, but did nothing.

Or at least, so says Trevor "untermenschen" Phillips (the man responsible for promoting 'equality' in Britain, by which is meant, turning the native population into second-class citizens, and calling us racist if we object), for whom supermarkets are the new frontline in the battle against 'racism':
Supermarkets have expressed concern after Britain's race watchdog said they should be forced to recruit more ethnic minority [staff] by positive discrimination.

Trevor Phillips said retailers should have new powers making it is easier to attract employees to reflect the make-up of their local communities.

The new Commission for Equalities and Human Rights chairman told MPs that his body should have sweeping powers to permit positive discrimination to prevent jobseekers from migrant communities being disadvantaged.

Now, I don't know why Trev has picked a fight with the supermarkets. He certainly hasn't produced any evidence to support his assertion that they are hotbeds of racial discrimination. Indeed, I don't know about you, but I don't think that non-whites are exactly under-represented among the employees of supermarkets. In the whole of London I cannot recall ever having been into a supermarket where the overwhelming majority of staff were not either black or Asian. The Tesco store I go to has no white staff, the Sainsbury's store one. Given that Fulham is one of London's whiter areas, I hardly think that this reflects the "make-up of the local community". Perhaps I should write to Trev, and ask him to pop round, and order them to sack some of their existing, competent, staff, and hire the first white layabout who comes their way.

But I suppose Trev would answer that the high percentage of white people round here simply means that we are all wicked racists ourselves. Applying Trev's principles, perhaps some of us should be evicted from our houses, and replaced with blacks and Asians, in order that the area might be made more 'diverse'!

Muslim Emigration?

Many Muslims, fed up with what they see as Islamophobia, are upping sticks and heading for the Middle East.

At Nuzhat al-Sibassi's family home in south London, the contents are being packed away in boxes, ready to be shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

Mrs al-Sibassi was born in Britain to Pakistani parents, raised and educated here. She's worked as a senior hospital manager in the NHS, but is now moving with her family to the United Arab Emirates.

They won't be missed.

"Living here is not how it was. The politics and the environment has changed and people's perception of Muslims has changed dramatically. A number of incidents in UK over past 3-4 years have marred life for decent Muslims living here."

Mrs al-Sibassi is just one of a growing number of middle class Muslims who are leaving because they no longer feel comfortable living in the country of their birth.

Last year an ICM survey found that two-thirds of Muslims contemplated leaving Britain after the 7 July bombings in London. The regular flow of front-page headlines has placed Muslims under intense pressure to explain their faith and its place in British society.

Let's just pause to remember that 7/7 involved the murder of 52 people by a gang of Muslim terrorists. There has never been anywhere near such violence perpetrated against Muslims in the UK.

Personally, I'd be delighted to see mass Muslim emigration from the UK. Unfortunately, despite the spinning of the BBC, the fact remains that the Muslim population of the UK is given endless preferential treatment, that they are a group that wields an increasing, and increasingly malign, influence, and that their numbers are steadily increasing as well. But you won't hear the BBC comment on any of that.

Abortion ship back on the water

A while back, the group Women on Waves (or, as it should perhaps be renamed, Dykes in Dinghies) caused a bit of a storm when it provided a new means for abortionists to circumvent the law of various nations, and kill a few babies. They did this by launching a ship, registered in the Netherlands, collecting women from those nations lucky enough to still have substantial restrictions on abortion, and then sailing out to international waters, and doing the odious deed.

In 2004, following an eleven day stand-off in which the Portuguese government prevented women seeking abortions from going to the ship, the Dutch government passed a law banning the vessel from travelling more than fifteen miles from Amsterdam, which severely curtailed the ship's capabilities. Now, however, the socialists are back in the Dutch governing coalition, and the ban has been curtailed.

And so the dykes are happily preparing their dinghy, and will soon be sailing out into the big wide world, to provide abortions aplenty. The Portuguese government has since legalised abortion, so Women on Waves are now planning to take their ship as far afield as Argentina in pursuit of their noble cause.

Oh, what one wouldn't give for a good tidal wave...

Update: In more bad news, abortion was legalised in Mexico City yesterday.

Tuesday 24 April 2007

London Tories mourn lost opportunity

Okay, nothing to do with politics, but this story was too weird not to comment on. Plus I know the area well, and have walked past that restaurant many times over the years (most recently, last Wednesday). I think I'll pay more attention to it in future, however!
A man cut off his penis with a knife in a packed London restaurant.

Police were forced to use CS gas to restrain the man when they entered the Zizzi restaurant in The Strand on Sunday evening.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the man was aged between 30 and 40 and that his injuries were self-inflicted.

The man was then taken to hospital in south London where his condition is stable. It is understood surgeons were unable to reattach his penis.

A spokeswoman for Zizzi said the man was not thought to have any connection with the restaurant.

She said: "At around 9pm on Sunday, a man walked into the Zizzi restaurant on The Strand, down the stairs to the basement restaurant area and tried to enter a kitchen.

"Members of staff stopped him, at which he ran into a second kitchen area.

"The man then picked up a kitchen knife and slashed himself across the wrist and groin areas before running back into the restaurant, where he continued to stab himself.

"This happened in a matter of seconds and was obviously extremely frightening and distressing for the many customers and staff in the restaurant at the time."

She added: "Apart from the man, we understand that no-one else suffered any physical injuries."
Obviously the man was rather disturbed, and he has my sympathies. Especially given his evident expertise with a kitchen knife, and the efficiency with which he wielded it.

It's still funny, though.

Ted Heath Gay Shock!

Tory London Assembly member (and open homosexual) Brian Coleman has astonished the nation by revealing that former Tory Prime Minister (and open EU traitor) Edward Heath regularly went "cottaging" in the 1950s.

In other astonishing news, I can reveal that a young man named Ratzinger may, on occasion, have attended Catholic Mass in the 1950s. I hope soon to be able to bring to you the long-anticipated truth of what, precisely, bears do in woods.

At Conservative Home, a debate is getting underway about the outing of Ted Heath, and also about Mr Coleman's claim that the Tory Party in London is run by homosexuals. Personally, I was more interested in something else that Mr Coleman wrote:
The average voter could not care less if their Member of Parliament visits Hampstead Heath at Midnight as long as they get the holes in the road mended. The Anglican worshipper in the pew cares not that the local Bishop has a taste for black leather under their cassocks as long as keeps his hands away from the choirboys.
Is this true? I could accept it as true if he said that the average voter couldn't care less if their MP was homosexual. But I do not believe that the public are particularly tolerant of homosexuals (or anyone, for that matter, but it seems to be primarily a homosexual problem) having sex in public. By way of anecdotal evidence, in the 2005 election the local Labour Party in the constituency where my mother lives deselected their sitting MP, and selected a local activist with two convictions for cottaging. He said that it didn't matter, because most people didn't see cottaging as wrong. The Tories, by contrast, made an issue of it, and won on the back of one of the biggest Labour to Tory swings in the country.

And, in any event, cottaging is still a crime, and always has been. Is Mr Coleman suggesting that cottaging is, nonetheless, an acceptable form of behaviour, and one that should be embraced as if it were a hoodie? Apparently so.

It says quite a lot about the Tories, I think, that they have a man of such views as one of their senior elected officials. For one thing, it says, once again, that they cannot really be considered a conservative party, but simply another party of the liberal-left.

Immigrant Criminality

BRITISH security services are covertly tailing more than 40 criminal cells run by recent immigrants from eastern Europe.

The gangs, operating across the ­country, are understood to be involved in people trafficking, prostitution, money-laundering, extortion and drugs.

A well-placed Home Office source told the Sunday Express that the cells have thrived since Christmas when the UK open­ed its borders to EU newcomers Bul­garia and Romania.

The Government was repeatedly war­ned of a likely influx of criminals – ­particularly from Bulgaria, renowned as the most lawless nation on the continent.

It is understood two gangs have already had their bank accounts secretly frozen, after investigators found they had accrued more than £15million in just four months.

No arrests have yet been made. Last night Scotland Yard would not comment on the ongoing inquiries.

The Home Office source said: “The biggest thing I am seeing at the moment is the new Eastern Bloc citizens who are a criminal element. Currently, the main security services are tailing over 40 cells of criminals. Many of the ringleaders are making themselves rich on the back of this – and our hospitality.

“Many of the criminal elements are now teaming up with their fellow countrymen who have been here for a couple of years.

“Many of the previous asylum seekers (seeking asylum from what? Condign punishment in their own countries, perhaps? - FR) under suspicion, or those who have been convicted of crimes already, are now in cahoots with much bigger fish.”
(Hat-tip: Central News)

The government has promised to "be tough" on these people. To emphasise the point, here is a reminder of just how tough the government can be:
Up to 200,000 asylum seekers will be allowed to remain in Britain because Home Office officials admit they will never be able to track them down.
I bet those Bulgarian gangsters are just quaking in their boots right now!

Monday 23 April 2007

Terrorist attack in Britain?

AL-QAEDA leaders in Iraq are planning the first “large-scale” terrorist attacks on Britain and other western targets with the help of supporters in Iran, according to a leaked intelligence report.

Spy chiefs warn that one operative had said he was planning an attack on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in an attempt to “shake the Roman throne”, a reference to the West.

Another plot could be timed to coincide with Tony Blair stepping down as prime minister, an event described by Al-Qaeda planners as a “change in the head of the company”.

The report, produced earlier this month and seen by The Sunday Times, appears to provide evidence that Al-Qaeda is active in Iran and has ambitions far beyond the improvised attacks it has been waging against British and American soldiers in Iraq.

There is no evidence of a formal relationship between Al-Qaeda, a Sunni group, and the Shi’ite regime of President Mah-moud Ahmadinejad, but experts suggest that Iran’s leaders may be turning a blind eye to the terrorist organisation’s activities.

It follows revelations last year that up to 150 Britons had travelled to Iraq to fight as part of Al-Qaeda’s “foreign legion”. A number are thought to have returned to the UK, after receiving terrorist training, to form sleeper cells.

(Hat-tip: Jihad Watch)

Another reason why, as I've written before, Britain, or Israel, or America, or someone, should be prepared to hit Iran hard. Really, this is the war that should have been waged instead of attacking Iraq, which, although a threat, was a much less significant one.

"Christian leaders" shill for Islamification

Christian leaders are advising people to use their vote to defeat British National Party (BNP) candidates in next week’s elections, the Evangelical Alliance has told Christian Today.

They are encouraging people to use their vote so that other candidates are elected, and the BNP does not get seats through voter apathy.
Actually, the old canard that the BNP wins in areas of low turnout is largely untrue. According to the Sunday Times voter turnout actually increases when the BNP run a candidate. The BNP provide an alternative to people disillusioned with the Godlike (three in one) main parties.
“The BNP is trying to present itself as a respectable and non-racist party,” an Evangelical Alliance statement comments. Party leader Nick Griffin said in a speech last November that he wants this country to be “free, Christian and British.”

But Christian leaders are urging voters not to be fooled by the BNP’s attempts to make itself presentable.

Justin Thacker, Head of Public Theology at the Evangelical Alliance, said: “I don’t see how any Christian could ever support the BNP – its principles are entirely at odds with those of Jesus Christ.

“The BNP is a racist party, which doesn’t seem to realise the contradiction of using St George's day – which celebrates a Christian saint – to peddle its racist propaganda. This demonstrates just what a sham the party’s appeal to Christian values is.

“Other parties are just as concerned about the needs of the nation, and they do not use issues of community cohesion for racist ends.”
Are other parties just as concerned about the needs of the nation? Well, sorry, but I've always voted Tory, and I don't think that they are. Not under Cameron. Labour have had ten years in power, and in all that time have shown no interest in making the country a better place, and I don't really think I need to discuss the Lib Dems.

Incidentally, I take it from the comments of these reverend gentlemen that they are quite happy to see the country turned into an Islamic state. After all, they regard the BNP as "racist", for opposing this possibility, which is an almost inevitable consequence of the present rates of Islamic immigration and childbirth. Presumably they would be happy for Christians (and all infidels) in this country to be treated like Christians in Iraq, Turkey, or Nigeria?

St George's Day

And two poems for the occasion:

G.K. Chesterton, "The Englishman"
St George he was for England,
And before he killed the dragon
He drank a pint of English ale
Out of an English flagon.
For though he fast right readily
In hair-shirt or in mail,
It isn't safe to give him cakes
Unless you give him ale.
St George he was for England,
And right gallantly set free
The lady left for dragon's meat
And tied up to a tree;
But since he stood for England
And knew what England means,
Unless you give him bacon
You mustn't give him beans.
St George he is for England,
And shall wear the shield he wore
When we go out in armour
With battle-cross before.
But though he is jolly company
And very pleased to dine,
It isn't safe to give him nuts
Unless you give him wine.
A.E. Housman, "The Recruit"
Leave your home behind, lad,
And reach your friends your hand,
And go, and luck go with you
While Ludlow tower shall stand.
Oh, come you home of Sunday
When Ludlow streets are still
And Ludlow bells are calling
To farm and lane and mill,
Or come you home of Monday
When Ludlow market hums
And Ludlow chimes are playing
"The conquering hero comes,"
Come you home a hero,
Or come not home at all,
The lads you leave will mind you
Till Ludlow tower shall fall.
And you will list the bugle
That blows in lands of morn,
And make the foes of England
Be sorry you were born.
And you till trump of doomsday
On lands of morn may lie,
And make the hearts of comrades
Be heavy where you die.
Leave your home behind you,
Your friends by field and town
Oh, town and field will mind you
Till Ludlow tower is down.

Sunday 22 April 2007

Islamification Watch

A number of private corporations have already begun providing financial products specially designed to be compliant with Sharia law. Now, however, our government wants to do the same thing:
Muslims keen to comply with the financial strictures of religious Islamic law may be able to buy Premium Bonds for the first time after a government review announced yesterday.

Ed Balls, the Treasury Minister in charge of City affairs, wants all types of government-sponsored savings products to be accessible to those who adhere to Sharia.

The appropriately-named Balls is not just a treasury minister. He is also a key ally of Gordon Brown, and could perhaps be the next Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Premium Bonds, a favourite among small savers for 50 years, will be among the National Savings products to be tested for suitability. All other National Savings accounts will also be examined.

Government bonds — so-called gilts — sold to individuals and big institutional investors will also come under the feasibility study. They may be where the biggest impact of any review is felt.

The Government will issue about £60 billion of gilts this year. The Treasury estimates that Islamic assets top £125 billion worldwide.

Financial products offered by the Government to ordinary Muslim investors present a challenge for National Savings, which provides safe and simple products ranging from Premium Bonds to savings accounts.

Premium Bonds will have to overcome two key difficulties: Sharia outlaws the payment of interest; and gambling runs contrary to strict Islamic tradition.

Nation states most commonly borrow through the issue of bonds. Several Muslim countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore (not actually a Muslim country, but a secular nation with Buddhists as the largest group, followed by Christians, and only then Muslims - FR) and the financial centres of Qatar and Dubai, issue a proportion of their national debt in Islamic bonds.

Most Islamic financial products work on the principle of investing in a fixed asset able to generate a rate of return, such as property that yields rent or an asset that can repay a larger capital sum on redemption. These avoid paying interest.

Pakistan has issued an Islamic bond linked to its motorway network, which generates income through road tolls.

The Treasury was unable to say how British bonds might be structured but, if it does find a way, Britain would be the first European state to issue financial products that are compliant with Islamic law.

Oh, great. Let's be the most Islamified nation in Europe.

As with so many instances of Islamification in this country, this is, of itself, rather innocuous. But it's the cumulative effect of so many surrenders that must be taken into account. This kind of surrender is in the same class as the increasing habit of serving all schoolchildren Halal meat, or pointing all graves towards Mecca. It doesn't necessarily mean Muslims are running the country, but it does mean that the Muslim position on these matters is becoming the default position, often without any debate at all. And that is the most insidious, and most dangerous, aspect of Islamification.

Riot Alert!

According to a report in the Sunday Times today, Muslims in France are threatening to riot if Nicolas Sarkozy is elected president of the country:
In the centre of the bleak 1970s council estate - where only 44 per cent of adults are employed - Koné Jaoussou, 28, was waiting with a friend, Zair Issa, 18, after voting for the Socialist candidate, Ségolène Royal.

"I just hopes she gets in because if Sarkozy wins, this place is going to explode again," he said. "There’ll be riots here in the suburbs all over France."

According to provisional results, Sarkozy has taken 30% of the first-round vote, and will go into a run-off with Segolene Royal, who got 25%. He must surely be the favourite, and the run-off is on May 6th, so I would advise readers to look out for more Muslim violence come May 7th.

Or, alternatively, if he loses, I would advise readers to remember that Royal is the candidate of dhimmitude, and to look out for an Islamic state in France, come 2010.

Islamic Tolerance Strikes Again!

In the past, I've written about the Islamic persecution of Iraq's Mandaeans, and over at Christianophobia Watch we regularly cover the large-scale persecution of Iraqi Christians. Jews were almost entirely driven out of Iraq, and most of the Arab world, after the establishment of Israel in 1948, although for some reason you don't hear assorted worthies lining up to call for their "right of return" to be recognised.

Really, being a religious minority in Iraq is a lot like being caught up in a giant version of that favourite game of children and drunken teenagers, Spin the Bottle. When the bottle points to you, it's your turn to get lynched!

Now, the Muslims have once again spun that bottle, and this time, it's pointed itself at the Yazidis:
Unidentified gunmen have killed 23 people in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police said.

All the victims were said to be members of the Yazidi religious minority which follows a pre-Islamic religion and worships an angel figure.

Police said the victims had been dragged from a bus and shot dead. Followers of other faiths were reportedly left unharmed by the gunmen.

As with the Mandaeans, the Yazidis are another group that I'd never heard of until today. It's interesting how many groups I only find out about when the Muslims start to exterminate them.

(Cross-posted at ATW)

Smoke and Mirrors

Voters are worried about illegal immigrants who are "undermining" the jobs market and health and safety measures, John Reid has said.
I don't normally believe that profanity adds anything to political debate, but in this case the only reasonably response would seem to be: No shit, Sherlock!

Reid said:
"Most people aren't opposed to foreigners; they're opposed to unfairness.

"So what they worry about is people coming here illegally, people working here illegally, undermining the minimum wage, undermining the terms and conditions, safety and all of the good terms that protect workers and consumers.

"If that is being done people can see the benefits of immigration.

"If it isn't being done, people worry about it and we have to address that worry by making sure that immigration is effectively controlled and fair to people in this country as well as those who come here."

Of course his comments would be rather more meaningful if he wasn't part of a government that has been in power for ten years, and which has presided over an unprecedented level of mass immigration during that time. This government has had ten years to do something about the problem. Only now, when the public really seem to have had enough, do they pretend that they give a damn. Of course, Reid's fine words are merely a sop to public feeling, and will never in a million years be matched by his deeds.

Incidentally, I've said it before, and shall no doubt have to say it again, the concerns that people feel about immigration are not purely economic. Immigration is bringing massive - and overwhelmingly unwelcome - cultural changes to this country, and the majority of people just don't like this. They don't like creeping Islamification being allowed in under the guise of 'multicultural tolerance'. They don't like the fact that we are now expected to embrace and celebrate every single culture on Earth, but despise our own. They don't like the removal of great British cultural figures from the school curriculum, solely on the grounds that they're white. They don't like the constant vilification of the native population as a bunch of racists, whose culture is so vile as to be unworthy of preservation. This is why immigration is opposed, and until politicians - be they Labour or Tory (and it's usually impossible to distinguish one from the other these days) - actually realise this, then the public will continue to simply give up on the main parties, and quite possibly on democracy altogether.

Saturday 21 April 2007

Policing Priorities

Remember how the police had time to send two officers to interrogate a ten year old for using the word 'gay'? Or how they arrested a white schoolgirl for complaining when she was assigned to work with a group of Asians, only one of whom spoke English? But how they didn't bother to do anything when a BNP activist was assaulted by a gang of thugs? And how they paid absolutely no attention to the complaints of Maureen and Alex Cochrane, who were subjected to a campaign of harassment by a worthless family of low-life scum, by whom they were subsequently murdered? How we all applauded the efficient and appropriate use the police were making of taxpayers' money, in investigating the crimes that really matter. Well, I now present to your, dear readers, the latest demonstration of how well-organised the police are, and of just how accurately they have arranged their priorities:
When Jason Brown returned home to find he had been the victim of a burglary he was somewhat relieved to learn that a neighbour had caught one of the culprits in the act.

But instead of the police arriving to carry out what could have been a significant arrest he had no choice but to let him go after officers insisted they would be unavailable for two hours.

They apologised but claimed that due to manpower issues they were unable to attend until a shift changeover at 10pm - despite being less than 100 yards away from the incident.

Mr Brown's brave neighbour, who overpowered the young thug in a bid to prevent him from escaping, was informed by a police operator after calling for help:

"Sorry, but we're too busy to come out and arrest him."

Last night, Mr Brown, a 34-year-old taxi driver who had returned from visiting his poorly daughter in Great Ormond Street, described the treatment he and his neighbour received as "shameful".

But not, sadly, surprising.

He said: "The whole affair beggars belief. My neighbour caught them red-handed and had one of them by the scruff of the neck but the police said they didn't have anyone to come out and help.

"My neighbour said: 'What are you on about? I've got the culprit here now, what am I supposed to do with him?". The police said they didn't know so he had to let him go. He had no choice.

"What was he going to do? Make him a cup of tea until the police came to take him away for heaven's sake."

Mr Brown added: "What's really annoyed me is those toerags think they've got away with it and will probably go and do the same again. They even tried to break into the shop next door so they're obviously not new to this game.

"The police had a golden chance to catch them and missed. What happens now if next time they have a knife and someone isn't so lucky?"

Exactly. The police are quite prepared to put ordinary members of the public at risk in this manner, but at the same time, if a few law-abiding citizens took the quite reasonable step of giving the criminals a good thrashing, the police would be all over them in a matter of minutes. Just ask Linda Walker.

It is interesting, isn't it, that the police never seem to have an officer available to deal with real crime (i.e. that perpetrated by habitual criminals against people who've never amassed so much as a speeding ticket in their life), but always seem to be able to find one to deal with a law-abiding citizen who does anything to resist the criminals. Or, of course, anyone who says 'gay'.

Update: At the suggestion of Mr Smith, I have cross-posted this at ATW.

Immigration: "Tipping Point reached"

Immigration could lead to the political break-up of Britain, according to right-wing think-tank Civitas.

A pamphlet by the group suggests that Britain may have reached a "tipping point" beyond which it could no longer be seen as a single nation.

Shadow home secretary David Davis has called on the government to put a cap on those coming to the UK.

Quite sensible. If only one could believe that the Tories would actually do anything about the situation, should they come to power. However, the views of their vice-chair on what should be done with failed "asylum seekers" render laughable the idea that the Tories could be the party to stop mass immigration .

The Civitas pamphlet - A Nation of Immigrants? - said the "seemingly reckless pace and scale" of immigration was bound to cause concern for people who saw the UK as a model of tolerance and freedom.

The 100-page booklet said Britain may have already reached a tipping point beyond which it could not longer be said to be a single nation.

"Once such a point is reached, political disintegration may be predicted to be not long in following," the report said.

Indeed, and I am reminded of Paul Weston's article on the possibility of pan-European civil war. Of course, Mr Weston only considered the prospect of a war that would be, in essence, Muslims against infidels. What could happen is a war in which many different sides face off against one another. Muslims and natives will be the two largest groups, of course, but there will be others. Take blacks, for example. A small number might side with the natives in any conflict, a larger number will side with the Muslims, on the premise that they're not white, and are therefore good, while a still larger number would be likely to just fight both sides with equal aggression. As the report by Civitas suggests, we could well see Britain (and Western Europe as a whole) dissolve into a large number of tribal lands, of various size, existing in an almost constant state of war with one another.

All this is no more than the almost inevitable consequence of mass immigration, which brings people of completely different cultures and beliefs into close and unwelcome proximity, and of multiculturalism, which then encourages these groups - or at least the immigrant ones - to maintain the very differences which make that proximity so unwelcome, while constantly running-down and disparaging the native population, their culture, and history. Now the natives are angry, the immigrants are grasping, the politicians are too cowardly to do anything, and sooner or later something is going to snap.

Thursday 19 April 2007

Cemeteries and left-wing opposition to Islam

No, the two are not related. However, they both reflect two things that I have seen or heard recently. One left me disgusted, the other left me encouraged, so I thought that I would relate them to you, dear readers.

Starting with the disgusting story: As I've mentioned before, I sometimes like to take a stroll around Brompton Cemetery, that magnificent 41 acre burial ground nestling in the shadow of Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium. Last week, when the weather was very good, I decided to go for a walk, and, finding that my route took me past the cemetery, decided to go in. Because the sun was out, it was significantly more crowded than usual (although I personally prefer it when there is a light drizzle and a grey overcast sky - much more atmospheric). And it was the behaviour of some of the members of the public that really disgusted me.

Although Brompton Cemetery is one of the Royal Parks, and although the public are permitted to walk there for their recreation, it is still the final resting place of thousands of people, including a large number of soldiers who fell in World War One. As such, I think that anyone going into the cemetery should behave with a degree of respect. However, the behaviour of the public was anything but respectful. People were jogging through the cemetery, cycling through it, even roller-blading through it. This was not the worst of it, however. I actually saw one man - reasonably well-dressed, in his fifties, and sipping from a container of organic orange juice - reclining on a tomb! He was actually using someone's grave as a place to put his feet up! And this despite the fact that there are benches all over the cemetery, for anyone who wishes to sit down to make use of. The sheer obscenity of his behaviour only struck me afterwards, but I really do wish that I'd told him what I thought of it. Although he'd probably only have responded to complaints about this physical obscenity with a verbal obscenity.

I am quite interested to know what my readers think about this. Do you agree that what this man was doing was obscene? Or am I overreacting?

The second thing that recently happened to me was considerably more encouraging. I was in the pub the other day with a friend, who is certainly not a hardline right-winger. Indeed, she is a member of that egregious organisation, Liberty. However, in the course of the conversation, it transpired that she felt exactly the same way about the threat posed to this country by Islam as I do. This is, I think, very encouraging, since it shows that even people of a decidedly liberal bent are waking up to the threat posed to this country. Polls have shown that 53% of the British population see Islam as a threat, and I believe that this number must surely be increasing all the time. Perhaps the day when public pressure forces our politicians to take some form of action will come sooner than we think.

First ATW Post

I have just written my first post at A Tangled Web. It's about the revelation that the Tories attempted to recruit Greg "hideously white" Dyke to be a joint Tory-Lib Dem candidate for the London mayoral elections, and you can read it here.

Wednesday 18 April 2007

Guns for the people!

What vexes John Markell most about the Virginia Tech massacre is not that he sold the killer one of his guns but that none of the victims was able to shoot back.

"I shoot with those people at the university - the professors, the deans, the grad students - and they shoot good," he said, fiddling with the same model handgun as that used in the killings.

The owner of Roanoke Firearms, a packed armoury of shotguns, assault rifles and handguns a half-hour drive from the university, said that his daughter graduated from Virginia Tech 10 years ago.

"What aggravates me is that my daughter is a heck of a shot and she has a concealed weapon permit but nobody is allowed to carry a gun on campus," he said.

Millions of Americans will accept his implication that the killings happened not because guns were too freely available but because they were not available enough.

And so does this blogger, for one. The phrase "if you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns" may be so cliched that one blushes to reproduce it, but it holds true nonetheless. Let's face it, most people who go out murdering aren't particularly fussed about the law. If they're prepared to kill people, then gun control laws aren't going to stand in their way.

But the majority will obey the law and go unarmed. In this case the 'law' was a rule imposed by Virginia Tech, banning guns on campus. Nonetheless, good students obeyed this, meaning that the one psychopath among them was able to go on his killing spree without any risk of return fire. Just think how many deaths might have been averted had his first attack been met with a barrage of bullets.

A while back, here in Britain, one of the issues over which liberals liked to attack Tony Martin was that the guns he used on that glorious night back in 1999 were illegally owned. Now, just consider: because Tony Martin had an illegal firearm, a career thug ended up dead. Good riddance! Whereas, had Tony Martin obeyed the letter of the law, he would probably have been the one who ended up getting hurt, perhaps fatally, and Fred Barras would probably have spent another sixty worthless years stealing from decent people.

So, I say, let's have more guns in Britain too. After all, if the public don't fight crime, who else will? The police? Don't make me laugh.

Postscript: Similar sentiments to the above were recently expressed by Patty at A Tangled Web. Thanks to Mr Smith, and David Vance, editor of ATW, I shall soon be posting over there. When news of my imminent arrival was announced on Monday, it sparked off many of the local leftists into a veritable two minutes hate. Readers may be amused by some of the comments: I certainly am, and have added two of the choicest ones to my masthead. In the meantime, I am thinking what to write for my first post there. If I play my cards right, then, judging by the virulence with which they responded to the mere mention of my name, I could succeed in inducing fatal coronaries in some of them.

Tuesday 17 April 2007

"Hate Crime" Roundup

The term "hate crime", which might once have had some semblance of meaning, has now become so twisted out of shape that it can be applied to virtually any form of conduct, so long as (i) it is carried out by a designated oppressor group (white, heterosexual males), and (ii) it can in some tenuous way be seen as derogatory, either towards an individual from a designated victim group, or towards such a group as a whole. I particularly recall the ten year old boy who was interrogated by two policemen after calling his schoolfriend "gay" in an e-mail.

Now, however, Maria Woodward, headmistress of St John Bosco RC Primary School, in Brackley, Greater Manchester, has surpassed even Inspector Nick Bailey of Cheshire Police (who felt that sending two PCs round to intimidate one not entirely PC ten year old was "a reasonable course of action") in complete and utter stupidity. Following an incident between two eleven year olds, she threatened one of them with the prospect of arrest. His crime: he called the other one "Popeye". Oh yes, and the other one was black, and therefore by definition a victim. Still not exactly Kristallnacht, is it?

Mrs Woodward apparently feels that for young Gary Corcoran to call his classmate "Popeye" was racist, although she has failed to specify why. And, it does seem pretty odd. After all, Popeye was definitely white. Presumably, therefore, Mrs Woodward's reasoning is, that if a white child says anything even remotely derogatory to a black child, there must be a wicked racist subtext. After all, all white people are incurably racist, aren't they?

Monday 16 April 2007

Cambridge Motoon Student Apologises

Subject to the CPS making a sane decision, the Cambridge Motoon case appears to be drawing to an ignoble close:

A CAMBRIDGE University student who sparked a huge row when he published anti- Islamic material has issued a grovelling apology.

The 19-year-old second-year Clare College student went into hiding after he printed a cartoon and material satirising religion in college magazine Clareification.

For his own safety and that of others, the student, who is British, has not been named. During the initial furore surrounding the publication he was taken out of his accommodation and put in a secure place.

Cartoons which had sparked worldwide protests in the Muslim community were reprinted in the edition. The college has promised to take action to prevent a similar incident occurring.

Part of the student's apology read: "I understand that this edition has caused deep offence and hurt to very many people, both inside and outside Clare, through its derogatory references to individuals and also to various groups, including women, Jews, Christians and Muslims."

Of course, he didn't get death threats from women, Jews, or Christians, did he?
A Clare College spokesman said:

"Because of the gravity of the situation and the diversity of views expressed about the best way of handling it ("Kill Him", "Respect free speech in an institution of learning" - who knows which one is right? - FR), the Dean of Students set in train procedures for convening the Court of Discipline.

"As events unfolded, however, a collective decision was taken to pursue instead a course of restorative justice and reconciliation."

Restorative justice and reconciliation? It sounds like they'll be getting Desmond Tutu in next.

The Cambridge University Muslims have graciously accepted the apology (there'll be no beheading tonight, folks), and the university authorities can now return happily to the safety of dhimmitude. I don't blame the student for apologising - after all, if it's a choice between that and being sent down then learning to be a good dhimmi is a small personal price for an individual to pay. But virtually everyone else involved should hang their heads in shame.

It'll make beheading them much easier, next time something like this happens.

Welcome, new voters!

One million migrants from outside the EU will be entitled to vote in May's local and national elections, it has emerged.

The migrants from Commonwealth countries, dependent territories and the Republic of Ireland - none of whom are citizens here - have gained voting rights from a law passed in 1918.

If they are resident at a UK address, they can play a key role in deciding who wins council seats in England, as well as control of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments.

Few of their countries, however, offer British migrants the same rights - only the Republic of Ireland and several countries in the West Indies.

There's not a lot that can be - or needs to be - said in response to this kind of thing. I would, however, direct the reader's attention towards Fjordman's article "Electing a New People: The Leftist-Islamist Alliance" , written in May last year:

A new alliance of convenience between Leftists and Muslim immigrants is taking shape in Europe. I think the deal is that the Leftist parties get a number of new clients, I mean voters, in return for giving Muslims privileges and subsidies, as well as keeping the borders more or less open for new Muslims to enter. As one Muslim put it: "I vote for the Socialists because they give me more money." The Leftists are, in essence, electing a new people, replacing the one already there with one more supportive of their agenda.

Academic Idiocy Watch

Every now and then, some obscure academic at one of our great seats of learning comes out with something indescribably stupid. Usually, this has some relationship to the far-left political views which are the norm in academia. Today, Professor Ann Jacoby of Liverpool University has produced quite the most ridiculous piece of "research" that I have seen for some time. The purpose of this research: to demonstrate that villages - all of them - are hotbeds of that most evil of sins (indeed, in the post-modern world, the only sin), prejudice!
Professor Jacoby, a social scientist, said: "The rural idyll is very nice so long as you fit into certain categories, but problematic if you don't.

"You should be married, have children, and live in this conservative family unit."

Well, there's a statement I can quite agree with. I don't think she's talking about her own views, though.

How did Professor Jacoby reach her deeply profound conclusions:
For the study, the professor's colleague, Francine Watkins, spent some time living in Stonycroft, a village with a population of 450, somewhere between London and Birmingham.

The village's name has been changed to protect the identities of those interviewed.

Life in the 16th-century village revolves round the thatched inn, church and village hall. Most of the residents are white. Three-quarters are married or co-habiting.

Heaven forfend! White, married heterosexuals! Such wicked people can't help but be prejudiced.

But, to return to Professor Jacoby's methodology: it seems that her colleague, Miss Watkins, went to one village, found a few malcontents, and then used their whining to smear everyone who lives in the countryside. Not, perhaps, the most accurate method. Rather like tossing a coin once, and then declaring that a coin will always land heads up. But more inaccurate than that.

Obviously the learned professor really earns her £60,000 or so of taxpayers' money per year.

It's rude to stare...

...and now it's a 'hate crime', too! At least, that's what new advice given to pupils and teachers in Scotland suggests:

PUPILS and teachers have been told by an official body not to stare at Muslims for fear of causing offence.

A document intended to educate against religious intolerance and sectarianism urges teachers to “make pupils aware of the various forms of Islamophobia, ie stares, verbal abuse, physical abuse”.

But Learning Teaching Scotland (LTS), which issued the advice to schools north of the border, has been criticised by politicians and Muslim leaders for going “over the top”.

The document states: “Some Muslims may choose to wear clothing or display their faith in a way that makes them visible. For example, women may be wearing a headscarf, and men might be wearing a skullcap. Staring or looking is a form of discrimination as it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, or as though they are not normal.”

(Hat-tip: Dhimmi Watch)
So, it's not just a prolonged stare that constitutes 'discrimination'. Even looking at a Muslim can now be a hate crime. So the good dhimmis must keep their eyes on the ground, never presuming to look at their Muslim betters. What is particularly worrying here, though, is that this is another example of pro-active dhimmitude. Rather than wait for Muslims to kick up a fuss about something (and, let's face it, you wouldn't have to wait long), LTS have decided to preempt the complaint. Not a good sign.

I have to say, also, that whenever I see a Muslim man competing to win the "look like a terrorist" prize, or a Muslim woman disguised as a tent, I tend not only to stare disapprovingly, but also to tut to myself. I guess I must just be an incurable bigot.

Sunday 15 April 2007

Non-inverted Paris-style riots in Sweden

Jihad Watch is reporting that Muslims in the city of Malmö, Sweden are rioting this evening. Why they are doing this is unclear, but since when have Muslims needed an excuse to get violent?

And just a few days ago I was reporting that Mandaeans fleeing persecution in Iraq are settling in Sweden, to get away from Muslim violence. As I predicted then, they will now be finding out that, with the World as it is today, no matter how far you run, you can never get away from Islamic aggression.

Gates of Vienna in particular seems to pay quite a bit of attention to Sweden, as well as Scandinavia in general. Their figures for the number of immigrants in Sweden are instructive, as is this article by Fjordman. Finally, from a Fjordman article in the Brussels Journal, consider this quote from a former Swedish government minister:
We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.
And aren't they just showing their openness and tolerance tonight?

Such are the rewards of dhimmitude.

Saturday 14 April 2007

More Journalistic Standards

As a follow-up to my previous post, about the anti-Semitic actions of the National Union of Journalists, I find this story, now two days old, in which we see one of the nation's best known journalists upholding the high standards that all members of that profession aspire to:
Channel 4 apologised to police yesterday after Jon Snow, the presenter, wrongly accused an officer who arrested a black motorist of being racist. Snow made the comment when Channel 4 News covered the story of Olufemi Ijebuode, who was arrested in Bournemouth last year and concluded the item by stating “racism in Dorset there”.

Mr Ijebuode went to Channel 4 with footage from the officer’s car, alleging racism. But yesterday the Independent Police Complaints Commission cleared the police officer and criticised Snow and the channel for its coverage.

Ian Bynoe, an IPCC commissioner, said that most witnesses had not corroborated Mr Ijebuode’s account of what happened and that Channel 4 had shown only edited clips of the 12-minute footage.

Ah, yes. Wonderful Channel 4 News. The programme whose reporting was accurately described as "reading out The Guardian" by Jeremy Clarkson on 'Have I Got News For You" yesterday.

Ijebuode actually has a blog, here. A quick perusal shows that he is a professional whiner, who makes it his business to see racism everywhere, and who appears to have something of a grudge against the police. Take these comments, from March 2006:
...spare a thought for black and so-called "ethnic minority" communities in Dorset, and those of us living at the sharp end of an overwhelmingly white and racist police force; those of us who reject that token Uncle Tom Negro they wheel out as evidence of "diversity", and those of us who eat oppression and drink injustice on a daily basis, because the power of the state is abused and corrupted to protect racists, criminals and terrorists.
The man is clearly bordering on insanity. Aside from his extreme paranoia, he's a pan-African nationalist who quotes approvingly from, among other dubious and disreputable individuals, the convicted murderer Mumia Abu Jamal, hates white people, and also hates Christianity, as an evil white religion. Probably he has quite a lot in common with Jon Snow.

But seriously, I found all this out from a few minutes on his blog. Surely Channel 4, with all their vast resources could have discovered this too? Bloggers are often attacked by the MSM for inaccuracy, but it would surely take quite a lot to equal the kind of incompetence shown by a branch of the MSM which reproduces the lies of an anti-white racist bigot as objective truth, simply because his lies serve as the means to promote their politically-correct leftist ends.

Journalistic Impartiality

Trade union conferences are so much fun. A parade of moonbattery of many and varied kinds. Last week the National Union of Teachers was whining about "racism", now the National Union of Journalists has produced a variation on the same theme. By which I mean, that they have voted for an anti-Semitic boycott of the state of Israel:
Britian's National Union of Journalists has voted at its annual meeting for a boycott of Israeli goods as part of a protest against the Second Lebanon War, the British daily Guardian reported on its Web site Friday evening.

The vote was carried 66 to 54 - a result that met with mixed responses from the NJU [sic] delegates present.

The motion came during a series of motions on international affairs and read: "This ADM [annual delegate meeting] calls for a boycott of Israeli goods similar to those boycotts in the struggles against apartheid South Africa led by trade unions and the TUC [Trades Union Congress] to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel by the British government and the United Nations."

(Hat-tip: LGF)
How can we trust anything journalists say about the situation in the Middle East, knowing that they have voted for this appallingly biased motion (which, incidentally, made no reference to the regular attacks perpetrated against Israel by the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah)? The short answer is, we can't. The problem is that many people will never read about this motion, and will continue to believe what they're told by the media.

The NUJ is of course not renowned for its impartiality. It has, for example, a longstanding grudge against a certain legal political party. Can anyone guess which one? I'll give you a hint: it's not the Lib Dems.

Still, this motion is yet another example of the appalling state of the MSM. It also illustrates, I think, the importance of the blogosphere, in providing a genuine voice for the millions of people (fascist, bigoted scum that they are) who are not left-liberal moonbats and dhimmis.

Christianophobia Watch is up!

Christianophobia Watch is up, at least in its basic form. There's nothing on the site just yet, but that should hopefully be remedied later today.

Mr Smith is going to be joint author, and the aim is to attract more authors over the course of time. This blog remains my first blogging priority, but since Christianophobia Watch will consist primarily of news stories, rather than opinion, it shouldn't take up a tremendous amount of time, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to work on both blogs and still not miss any meals.

Friday 13 April 2007

Idiot Lefty Teacher Watch

More from the NASUWT conference:
Teachers have demanded a halt to the Government's plans for a new generation of faith schools amid warnings that the influence of religious groups in education will fuel social divisions.

The NASUWT union called for a blanket ban on any new state funded single faith schools, despite Tony Blair's support for giving church groups a bigger role.

But delegates at the union's annual conference in Belfast stopped short of backing calls for all existing state funded faith schools to be closed.

Brian Williams, from the union's Cardiff branch, said: "Why should non-religious taxpayers like me fund faith schools?

"Would parents believe their taxes were well spent on a Marxist school?"

No. But I thought our schools already were Marxist, or at least coming pretty close to it. Certainly plenty of the teachers seem to be.

100 Muslim schools are waiting to win approval to join the state sector.

Mr Williams warned that faith schools would lead the country into greater social segregation and potential conflict.

Well, actually I think one particular religion promotes segregation and conflict. Can anyone guess which one it is?

But he said education and religion cannot mix, adding: "Schools are to educate, churches are to indoctrinate.

"We believe in free state education for all without religious ties."

Hmm. No indoctrination in British schools. That is a relief.

Of course, I would be still more relieved if teachers could perhaps focus on such mundane issues as teaching, or ensuring that their pupils don't get raped or murdered in school. These are minor quibbles I know, but surely the teachers could make some time available to discuss them, when they've finished grandstanding over various points of leftist principle?