Wednesday 28 February 2007

Cambridge cartoon students questioned by Police

The Cambridge students at the centre of the row over the Mohammed cartoons have been questioned by the police, and may face prosecution under the Public Order Act.

(Hat-tip: Little Green Footballs)

The whole case reminds me of the ongoing prosecution of the editor of the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, for publishing the Motoons. Across Western Europe, traditional rights of free speech give way to the demands of Muslim barbarians.

I wrote about the increasing incompetence of the police a few days ago. Now it seems that they, and the Crown Prosecution service, are more upset about this, than this.

Once again, one rule for Muslims, one rule for the rest of us.

Update: Harry's Place has obtained a copy of the offending magazine. They aren't showing anyone, but they have provided a summary of its contents, and profess themselves astonished that the story has progressed as far as it has. I quite agree.


One story which I have not commented on, but which has been rumbling on since the weekend, is UKIP's latest bout of woe. Or three bouts of woe, in fact.

The first came when UKIP was ordered to return £363,697 to the Electoral Commission, relating to illegal donations.
Then there was a bit of trouble over one of their MEPs, Tom Wise. Now there's a lot of trouble over Mr Wise, and he has been suspended from the party. All the links above go to the EU Referendum blog, which provides detailed coverage of recent events. The latest report from Dr Richard North at EU Referendum links to a Guardian article, indicating that three more of UKIP's MEPs may soon split from the party.
Plus there's the story about UKIP's apparent belief that a disabled man (a disabled army veteran, in fact) was unfit to be a candidate for them.

3 million people - including myself - voted UKIP in 2004. We voted under the delusion that UKIP was, or had the potential to be, a genuine voice for ordinary people who agreed with its stated policies. Instead, it has been a total embarrassment almost from day one. The party's greatest achievement was to take 16% of the vote, which did have the effect of scaring the major parties a little bit. Other than that, it's been completely useless. Outside of EU elections, it has shown itself to be incapable of gaining any real support, as was recently shown yet again by the humiliating 8 votes it received in a recent council by-election in Nuneaton.

Even in the European Parliament UKIP seems to be falling back. Not by virtue of any action of the public, or of any other political movement, but simply by virtue of its total inability to hold onto its own MEPs. Within a year of being elected they'd lost Ashley Mote due to financial dodginess (a common UKIP theme, it seems), and Robert Kilroy-Silk due to his own insufferable arrogance, as well as their two London assembly members, who ran off with Kilroy. Now Tom Wise has gone, and it looks like three more may be going. So of the starting line-up of twelve UKIP MEPs, only six will be left. What would Lady Bracknell say?

The Tories may expect this to benefit them, but I somehow doubt that. People who vote UKIP tend to be deeply disgruntled ex-Tories. They really don't like the way the country and the Conservative Party is going. Many would rather vote Labour than go back to the Tories. The rise of soft, fluffy Cameronism only exacerbates the loathing that many of us feel for his party. We might - might - have been prepared to go back to the Tories when they were led by Michael Howard, for all that he wasn't an ideal PM. But Cameron? Never!

So, I suspect that two groups will benefit from UKIP's increasingly inevitable collapse (which I think rather resembles the slow downfall of the protagonist in a Greek tragedy - first hubris, then nemesis). The first, as one might expect, is the BNP. I certainly expect that the BNP will take at least one seat in the London assembly, and possibly more. I also believe the BNP will take many more votes than UKIP in the next European elections (assuming UKIP survives that long), despite that being UKIP's strong area.
However, many people simply won't vote. In many areas, we can expect to see still more people turn away from the democratic process. In this instance, this will be the fault of UKIP, which has betrayed those who voted for it, with its never-ending incompetence.

Tuesday 27 February 2007

I see your £10, and raise you one daughter

Courtesy of Dhimmi Watch, the appalling story of a Pakistani man who gave away his daughter after losing a game of poker:

Rasheeda, 17, said she has filed applications with the police and a local councillor asking them to prevent Lal Haider, 45, from taking her to his home.

Her mother, Nooran said her husband racked up a debt of 10,000 rupees ($151) to Haider playing cards.

"My husband didn't have money to pay, and instead he told Lal Haider that he could take Rasheeda when she grows up," she said.

As Robert Spencer points out, this reflects the common Islamic attitude towards women - they are items of property. It may be that the men involved were not particularly devout - gambling certainly isn't permitted under Islamic law. But nonetheless, they are acting in accordance with a culture entirely based around Islam.

I'm sure that this kind of thing goes on in Britain too. I have in the past been told, by a British-born Pakistani ex-Muslim, that there are catalogues that circulate round the Muslim community here, listing the details of women in Pakistan. When a man sees a woman he likes in the catalogue, he sends her father or brother some cash, and ships her over to be his wife.

In Islam, a woman is a chattel, and nothing more.

United States of Europe again

Following on from the news that Blair is planning to put in motion arrangements to sign Britain up to the EU constitution without a referendum, comes this piece by the BBC's EU reporter.

It confirms that the new constitution will be essentially the same as the last, if the Germans have their way - and when it comes to the EU, they usually do. They are particularly committed to maintaining Part I of the constitution, which provides for a single EU president and foreign minister, and for changes to the voting system in the Council of Ministers, which would mean that Britain would lose her veto over areas falling within the Council's remit. Indeed, the only change which the Germans seem to be willing to consider is one wanted by their friends the French, which would ensure that inefficient French farmers didn't lose their vast subsidies.

The decision to go ahead with a new constitution will have to be approved by all member states, and so we can hope that some of them show the backbone and commitment to sovereignty that our government lacks. It is sad, though, to see Britain dependent on Poland and the Czech Republic to defend our independence (or what's left of it).

Monday 26 February 2007

Stop a criminal and get arrested

From the Daily Mail, yet another story of a law-abiding citizen arrested for doing nothing more than helping to catch a criminal. Wendy Challis-Jones saw a man pursuing a young thug who had stolen his bike, drove past the thief in her car, and then jumped out to block his path. The police arrived, and both she and the thief were arrested, although she was subsequently released without charge. So she got off rather better than some public-spirited citizens do when they take on the criminals.

Nigel Slater of North Yorkshire Police is quoted as saying:
"We are grateful to her for challenging the youth but I would warn the public that they must be wary about only using reasonable force.

"We had to interview witnesses and were very busy that day, but we do apologise. She did a good deed but we had to investigate the independent witnesses. We do not want to put people off helping the police."

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I'd always thought that the police were there to help the people, not the other way round. And that entails doing things like patrolling the streets, arresting criminals, and, when a member of the public does something like this, not treating them as the wrongdoer. Public confidence in the police is incredibly low - a brief glance at the comments in the article will tell you that. I certainly don't believe that they're good for very much, and if a crime was committed against me I'd rather take action myself than wait for the police to do it. Events like this simply reinforce this view in me, and millions of others. Perhaps Mr Slater should bear that in mind.

Of course, the rot starts at the top, and spreads down to the bobbies on the street. A few weeks ago, Home Office minister Tony McNulty advised citizens who saw a crime being committed to "jump up and down", in order to distract the criminal from his task. And the less said about Sir Ian Blair, the better.

Some good news

Soon, this country's total Islamofascist population will be reduced by one. Abu Qatada, known as "Al-Qaeda's ambassador in Europe" has failed in his bid to overturn a Home Office decision to send him back to his native Jordan.

I can't imagine too many people will be mourning his departure. Even The Observer has called for him to be deported. However, Liberty, Amnesty International, and other groups for whom the happiness of terrorists is paramount, are a bit miffed. They claim that Qatada might be tortured on his return. Personally, though, I couldn't care less what the Jordanians do to him. I can think of few people who more deserve the needles under the fingernails.

Sunday 25 February 2007

2 Stories from North Africa

Apparently, the Moroccan government is attempting to modernise Islam, by training woman priests, who will have the right to do all that a male priest can, except lead prayers. This is designed to help combat extremism, and one can understand the motivation, given the common Islamic attitude to women. The problem is that many of the new priests, or Mourchidat, have been revealed to be members of the banned extremist movement, 'Justice and Charity'. Oops.

Incidentally, King Mohammed VI of Morocco (or M6 as he is known to his fans, particularly young female ones) has made a number of efforts to undermine Islamic extremism, probably more motivated by a desire to stay in power than by a genuine commitment to modernisation, and this has not gone down well with good Muslims in this country. Indeed, in 2006 he was nominated as "Islamophobe of the Year" by the Islamic Human Rights Commission, on the grounds that "his 'so called reforms' [were] aimed at removing Islam from the the Moroccan people."

A few hundred miles east of M6's domain, lies that of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It was heavily reported a few months ago that Gaddafi's regime had, after a show-trial, convicted a Palestinian doctor and five Bulgarian nurses of deliberately infecting children with the HIV virus, and sentenced them to death. They claimed that they had been tortured. Now they are back on trial, this time charged with slander, because of the torture accusations. Of course, Gaddafi is our friend now, so everything must be all right.

Over 2,000 terrorists in UK

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the terror threat to Britain is now at its highest level since 9/11:

Eliza Manningham-Buller, the director general of MI5, warned recently that there were more than 1,600 "identified individuals" actively engaged in plotting terrorist attacks. There were 200 known networks involved in at least 30 terrorist plots. It is thought that the number of British citizens involved in plots could be well in excess of 2,000.
(Hat-tip: Little Green Footballs)

These figures represent over 0.1% of the total Muslim population of Britain. While this may seem small, it should be remembered that these are people actively planning to murder their fellow citizens. Imagine the (justified) outcry if it was shown that 60,000+ white Britons were actively planning racist murders.
Plus, behind every active plotter, there are many more encouraging them, or who would like to be doing the same, or who would delight in the success of any plot that came to fruition. And behind them, many, many, more supporting essentially the same aims as the plotters, even if they do not necessarily support their means. 0.1% doesn't seem so insignificant now, does it?

The problem is that the Dhimmis on the left (and some on the right) will continue to stick their heads in the sand, and assert that all is well. All is not well. It is inevitable that there will be more terrorist murders. We need action against Islam now. Even if we don't ban it outright, and there is much to be said for that approach, we at least need to make the practice of Islam in Britain difficult. To refer back to a previous post, banning the burka would be a good start.

United States of Europe?

Via Iain Dale, the News of the World is reporting that our Dear Leader is planning to sign up to the revised EU constitution, which lays the foundation for a unified European nation. The date of this great betrayal will apparently be March 25th.

The fact that the EU constitution makes provision for such emblems of a unified state as a single president and, perhaps more importantly, foreign minister for the whole of the EU is well documented, and I do not propose to discuss them any further here.

However, I have read the original EU constitution (the one that got rejected, when that despicable bunch of ill-educated proles commonly known as "the public" were allowed to vote on it), and one thing that irritated me, but has not been generally touched on, was that it incorporated the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This includes not only "negative" rights, such as the right to life, but also "positive" rights, such as the "right" to claim benefits. The result of including this in the constitution is that it would actually be unconstitutional for a government to attempt to cut back on the provision of state benefits, at least beyond a certain level. That is at least my interpretation of it. If my interpretation is correct, the EU constitution would in effect be enshrining social democracy as the compulsory form of government. Of course, the public may want that, but now, if they don't, they won't be able to do anything about it.

But then the EU constitution was never going to be a triumph for democracy anyway. People in Britain don't want it. The poll on the News of the World page is currently showing 82% against it. If it was put to a vote, then the people of this country would simply do what the French and Dutch have done already, and reject it, probably by an overwhelming majority. So our government is simply going to begin selling us out completely, without even asking our opinion.

Is it treason? You probably wouldn't get very far if you went down to the police station to report it. But morally, of course it is.

Update, 3.45pm, 26th February: I've just realised that the 25th March will also be the two-hundredth anniversary of the day when the abolition of slavery received the Royal Assent. It's ironic that Blair has picked that particular day to sell the entire nation into servitude.

Saturday 24 February 2007

Britain in 2007

There's a piece at Western Resistance by a Scotsman, "Doug", describing his experiences of living in a Pakistani-dominated part of Glasgow. It is well worth reading, and I take the liberty of quoting a brief extract from it:

It began the first night, the upstairs neighbours began shouting and screaming, a man was hitting his wife, the noise was unbearable, they were Pakistani, the area was home to the largest Pakistani Muslim community in Scotland. I had looked at the area and was bedazzled by the ornate Georgian architecture; I had forgotten to take a look at the more important social dimension.

Pollokshields is large area, E Pollokshileds where I live is majority Pakistani Muslim neighbourhood. I walked the streets I smiled at my neighbours they mostly ignored me. A car drove by one day a youth stuck their head out of a car and shouted, "White bastard" at me. A week later I noticed a young man driving aggressively on to a junction nearly hitting another oncoming motorist, he jumped out of his car shouted "White Bitch" at the driver then sped off. The same week I was walking past my Local Park, I watched as a young boy off about eight was chased from the Park crying by two young UK Pakistanis, I shouted as the boy was obviously very distressed, the other boys looked at me confused, and shouted something in another language I did not understand.

Many of us will recognise this picture of our country. It is what occurs whenever and wherever an area becomes dominated by immigrants, but particularly where those immigrants are Muslims. It is a sad fact that we can expect to see plenty more areas of Britain follow the path of East Pollokshields.

Friday 23 February 2007

Someone has the right idea

A chav has been pictured making a gun gesture behind David Cameron. 17 year old Ryan Florence of the "Benchill Mad Dogs" gang in Manchester apparently "did it for a laugh".

Personally, I'm just disappointed it wasn't a real gun. I can't stand - absolutely can't stand - Cameron, and his smug, Blue Labour acolytes, who would quite possibly actually be worse than the real Labour Party, if they got in. Thugs like Ryan Florence, who has convictions for burglary and mugging, and whose friends were pictured in a video on the BBC website brandishing machetes, make life misery for millions of people. For those people, seeing Florence make a gun gesture at them must be terrifying, because, unlike Cameron, they might actually get attacked. But because of this Cameron can go back to his nice Notting Hill home, his dinner parties and luxury lifestyle, and pretend that he has a real understanding of life on our most run-down estates. Then he can continue to jabber on about "compassion" and "understanding" for people like Ryan Florence, while ignoring the misery they cause to those around them. It says something about the picture above that Florence is by far the more valuable member of society pictured in it.

Thursday 22 February 2007

A Worthy Cause

Abdel Kareem Nabil Soliman, aka Kareem Amer, is an Egyptian blogger who was today convicted of insulting Islam and sent to prison for four years.

He had previously been disowned by his father, a fanatical Muslim, who called for him to be given one chance to repent and then, if he did not take it, face execution.

A website has been set up calling for him to be released. A petition has also been established. I have signed it, and I think that we all should. With the rise of Islam in the UK, it is only so long before a blogger here faces similar charges.

The Pub Philosopher has obtained a translation of one of Kareem Amer's blog posts, which I think is worth repeating at length:

The Muslims have taken the mask off to show their true hateful face, and they have shown the world that they are at the top of their brutality, inhumanity, and thievery.
They have clearly shown their worst features and have shown that in dealing with others they are not governed by any moral codes.

From what I have seen yesterday of the events at Maharram Beh, which were quite shameful, and have shown me more facts that they have tried to cover over the centuries.

They have indicated that Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness, but their true face has been uncovered to show barbarism and thievery and fanaticism and not acknowledging others, and attempting to remove them from existence.

Some may think that the actions of the Moslems does not represent Islam and has no relationship with the teachings of Islam that was brought by Mohamed 14 centuries ago, but the truth is that their actions is not different from the Islamic teachings in its original form when it has urged people to deny others and hate them and kill them and take their property, things that they know well but they try to deceive people by falsely defending the teachings of Islam by extremists and they are hiding from the truth and they prefer living a lie.

I have seen with my own eyes the thugs as they break into our Christian brothers’ stores after the whole area of Maharram Beh was completely out of control of the government authorities, and I saw them as they ransack the contents of the store right and left, amidst cheering and shouting extremist Islamic slogans, and I saw them stealing the money from inside the drawers of the cash registers and splitting it among themselves as if it is justified by being owned by what they call the infidels and the worshippers of the cross.

I saw them break into a liquor store owned by a Coptic merchant Labib Lotfy and I saw them smash everything they can get their dirty hands on, including the refrigerator and the scale and the boxes and liquor bottles. I saw some of them stealing liquor bottles so they can get drunk after a hard day’s work against the Coptic infidels.
I entirely support what Kareem Amer says. If we in the West are to achieve a lasting victory against Islam, we must support those in the East, such as Kareem Amer, who oppose Islam as much as we do.

Nutcase joins Nutcase Club

The Daily Mail reports that Michael "Not Guilty" Jackson is planning to convert to Islam.

Now, why would Wacko Jacko want to join a religion founded by a deranged paedophile with delusions of grandeur?

Answers on a postcard, please.

I actually quite like Jacko's music, and have even been known to attempt moonwalking when Billie Jean is played, usually after having a few too many drinks. But it is plain for all to see that the man is completely mad. I think that's why he was befriended by Uri Geller - Jackson is the only human being on earth by comparison with whom Geller is sane. Other than, perhaps, Polly Toynbee.

There are certainly more sinister sides to his character, as well. Without referring to certain court cases, it appears that he has, having previously flirted with Judaism, become a raging anti-semite. Which gives him something else in common with the Mohammedans.

It's quite sad to watch a talented person going completely mad in public over a twenty year period. But, now that it's happened, the Muslims are welcome to him.

Planet of the Apes?

Well, not quite.

But researchers have observed Chimpanzees using spears to hunt other animals.

Apparently this is a previously unknown phenomenon.

As such it raises the question, are Chimps evolving?

Lowest of the Low

In Kent, a thug aged around 20 thumps a 76 year old nun, after she catches him robbing a convent.

Meanwhile, in London:

A charity worker is fighting for his life after being pushed from a train by hooded thugs.

The 61-year-old man was attacked by three youths as he returned home from a fundraising event.

Fellow passengers watched in horror as violence flared after the man accidentally caught the eye of one of the group, causing him to ask: "What are you looking at?"

They then surrounded the victim and began raining blows on him. When the train doors opened, the man was thrown out, smashing his head on the concrete platform and losing conconsciousness.

"Fellow passengers watched in horror" - but no one intervened. And who can blame them? As a commenter (Rob) at Laban Tall's blog wrote the other day:

Don't intervene, someone else gets hurt.
Intervene, and someone will probably be spared. Unfortunately, one of the following is extremely likely to happen to you:

* You are killed
* You are seriously assaulted
* You are arrested on a charge of racially aggravated assault
Finally, the police have reported that 169 criminal gangs are operating in London. More than a quarter of these have actually killed someone. Tellingly, the BBC report says:

African-Caribbean gangs were described as the largest group, followed by south Asian and white gangs.

Religion was also found to be a defining factor, with some gangs comprising solely Muslim or Catholic members, for example.

Now honestly: how many gangs comprised solely of white Catholics does anyone think there are? I suppose there might be one, possibly. Now, anyone want to guess at the number of Muslim gangs?

Wednesday 21 February 2007

Good news, bad news

Following on from yesterday's post about the burka, three more stories about Islam in Britain, in particular regarding the education system. The first is good:

A 12-year-old schoolgirl has failed in an attempted legal challenge to her school's ban on a full-face veil.

Mr Justice Silber had been told that the girl's three older sisters had attended the same school and had worn the niqab with no problems.

But the school, in Buckinghamshire, had told the girl it was not acceptable because teachers believed it would make communication and learning difficult.

The judge has now rejected her lawyers' arguments for a judicial review.

The second, which has been rattling round for a while now, is somewhat concerning:

The director of an Islamic school says she should have immediately "chucked out" books that landed it at the centre of a religious intolerance row.

Dr Sumaya Alyusuf of the King Fahad Academy said no one there had read the texts, parts of which label Jews as "repugnant" and Christians as "pigs".

And the third is bad:

Schools in Britain should allow girls to wear the headscarf in all lessons, including PE, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has recommended.

Its guidance aims to ensure state schools meet Muslim pupils' needs.

The 72-page document covers such topics as sex education, Ramadan and halal meals. It says schools should respect the decision of boys to grow a beard.

But head teachers warned that meeting any list of "demands" would pose major practical difficulties for schools.

The MCB estimates there are over 400,000 Muslim pupils.

The MCB has particularly demanded that Muslims be excused dance classes (which are apparently part of the national curriculum for PE these days), swimming, sex education, and uniform regulations.

Hopefully schools won't all implement the MCB's demands just yet (although no doubt plenty will). But with the number of Muslim pupils growing every year, how long before the MCB's "advice" becomes government policy?

John Dowland

This evening I went to a dinner at Middle Temple. I have to go to a certain number of dinners before I can become a qualified barrister.

There was an address after dinner by the Reader of the Inn, Sir Stephen Oliver QC, on the subject of John Dowland. Dowland was a 16th/17th century lutenist, who seems to have lived a quite extraordinary life. A Catholic, he was refused the position of lutenist to Elizabeth I, and spent subsequent years travelling round Europe, falling in with a band of Catholics plotting the Queen's assassination, before ending up at the court of the King of Denmark. Eventually he returned to England and became lutenist to James I. In about 1612 he played at Middle Temple, receiving the sum of five guineas for his performance. The speech was followed by a performance of some of Dowland's compositions, accompanied by a woman who did quite amazing things with a rope (at one point I was sure she would fall to her doom), in the name of performing art.

What really struck me about Dowland's story was, that this is the kind of fascinating thing that is being resolutely eradicated by the liberal left. There is no chance of John Dowland's very interesting life ever being mentioned in English schools in the current climate, because that will distract teachers from their main duty of explaining how evil white people are, and how wonderful the culture of everyone who isn't white is. Of course, Dowland was only a minor figure even in his day, but he is symbolic of an entire culture, our own, that is being removed from the history books, in order to make room for a new, multicultural, story of the British Isles.

Tuesday 20 February 2007

How long till we ban the burka?

One of the July 21st terrorist suspects escaped wearing a burka.

The burka has been used as a disguise by thieves.

It's a great all-round disguise. It makes people think you're a woman, and therefore less likely to be a violent criminal. It shows people that you're a Muslim, and therefore challenging you is "racist".

Normally anyone who wandered round wearing a piece of clothing that entirely covered their body would be stopped and searched by the police. But if you're wearing a burka, this doesn't happen. Because if a Muslim woman wearing a burka was stopped, the human rights/Islamophobia lynch mob would be on the case within hours, and there would be endless recriminations. So you can walk absolutely anywhere wearing one.

The burka is a criminal's wet dream. An absolute disguise, and virtually no chance of being stopped. It also symbolises oppression, and a backward, barbarian culture that is spreading like cancer. Let's ban it now!


Welcome to my new blog!

I hope to report stories which other blogs might have missed, or at least that blogs that I read haven't posted on yet. I am particularly interested in the destructive spread of Islam across the world, as well as the general decline of British culture and society. I also hope that at least some of what I write will be deemed worthy of being read. Failing this, I hope to be able to rant away without having to stand in the rain at Speakers' Corner wearing a sandwich board!

Incidentally, I am astounded by how easy all this is to set up. As someone who barely scraped a D in my IT GCSE, and whose computer skills extend no further than being able to use Microsoft Word, I have had absolutely no difficulties. So hats off to the people behind Blogger.

Hope to have some more posts shortly.