Wednesday 20 February 2008

Demonising an entire community

I have to confess that when the news that the Stephen Lawrence memorial had been vandalised broke, I didn't follow the story as attentively as I might have done. I did, however, note that Ken Livingstone had come out and claimed that it was an "outrageous act of racism", and that various race hustlers (such as the lowlife at BLINK) had made the same claim.
But while I read about the claims that evil white racists had been behind the crime, I did not see the following descriptions of the people who are really alleged to be responsible:
Officers, who have studied CCTV footage, said three suspects were seen approaching the £10 million building from a footbridge over the Dockland’s Light Railway before fleeing the scene after the attack.

Two of the suspects are described as white, between 16 and 18 years old, wearing plain dark hooded tops.
See! Evil white racists! See, Ken was right! Only:
The third is described as a light-skinned black man in his late teens or early twenties and shorter than the other two suspects. He was wearing a dark hat and had facial hair.
It's true that the police are continuing to treat this as a racist incident. But that probably says more about the cowed and politically-correct nature of the Metropolitan Police than it does about the truth. After all, one finds it difficult to imagine in what circumstances a black vandal would have an anti-black racist motive for his crime. Furthermore, as the black suspect was a few years older than the two white ones, it seems quite probable that he was, in fact, the ringleader. If this was the case, then the possibility of a racist motive would be further negated.

Regardless of one's views on the Stephen Lawrence case, and, more particularly, on the victimhood circus to which it has given rise, the fact is that vandalising a memorial to a murder victim is a particularly obscene act. Hopefully, the individuals who have done this will be swiftly brought to justice.
However, equally obscene was the speed with which Livingstone and his race hustler friends leapt up to scream "RACISM" at the tops of their voices, without bothering to produce any real evidence to back up their claim. Had they directed their false allegations against any group other than whites, they would, no doubt, have been accused of "demonising an entire community". Indeed, in those circumstances Livingstone and BLINK might well have been among the first to make the allegations of demonisation...


Alex said...

Any injury, whether intentional or not, to black people, black property, black sensibility, etc., is prima facie evidence of a "racist" crime - perhaps even when the miscreant is black!

The foundation of the Stephen Lawrence memorial is intended to be a permanent reproach to the white population. This doesn't excuse the vandalism, but explains why, in the current hysterical fixation with "racism", breaking the windows there is national news.

JuliaM said...

"....But while I read about the claims that evil white racists had been behind the crime, I did not see the following descriptions of the people who are really alleged to be responsible.."

Hardly surprising, since it didn't get even a tenth of the publicity...

Homophobic Horse said...

That's piffle compared to the Albanians annexing Kosovo and then listening to the Bush administration describe this as a victory for multiculturalism.

Barry R McCain said...

Great blog, great articles, stunned to see so much truth on one blog. Well done and then some. Have linked you to my blog.

McCain in Mississippi

Fulham Reactionary said...

The McCain:

Thanks for your comments. I've linked back to your blog.