Thursday, 12 June 2008

Shock of the Day

An influx of hundreds of thousands of foreigners is fuelling social tensions in parts of the country which were totally unprepared for large-scale immigration, the Government has admitted.

Hazel Blears, the Communities and Local Government secretary, said teams of Whitehall officials were being sent to areas where there was "friction" caused by the arrival of large numbers of foreigners.

A Government study looking at the social impact of migration found that new immigrants to the UK accounted for nearly half of the population growth over the past five years.

Some 860,000 people swelled Britain's population from European Union countries, as well as Commonwealth and other states, it said.

It acknowledged that the scale of this migration had increased public concern in some parts of the country which were unused to large communities of foreigners. Schools and hospitals were often hardest hit.

The report - Managing the Impacts of Migration - A Cross-Government Approach - found large scale migration "has affected many areas with little previous experience of large migrant communities".

It said: "In some places it is the pace and scale of change which have an impact on local communities and services", while "other places experiencing significant migration for the first time may not have the institutions and programmes in place to help them manage that change."

Particular pressure was being felt in schools and hospitals, where migrants were failing to register with their local GP and instead going for basic treatment to Accident and Emergency departments in hospitals.


Miss Blears said she was sending in specialist teams to help some areas cope with the extra pressures on services.

Three experts from Miss Blears' department are starting work at Breckland district council, in Norfolk, this summer. Breckland council saw its population rise by more than 1,300 in 2005/06, almost entirely due to the arrival of immigrants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Portugal.

Miss Blears said: "The change in the population has caused some friction and some tensions there. And they have had a few incidents. We are sending in some specialists who have a background in grassroots activism.

"They want to learn from the good things that are going on in Breckland but also help to build new relationships and make a better atmosphere in that town."

As Ronald Reagan once said, "the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help'". I can't help but hear those words as I read about Blears' proposals.
After all, who exactly are these "specialists who have a background in grassroots activism"? Are they anything more than common or garden race hustlers? Does their "grassroots activism" consist of anything more than whining about "racism" to anyone who'll listen (and most who won't)? Because I find it rather doubtful that sending a trio of Trevor Phillips wannabees to Breckland is going to improve the situation.

In any case, it seems that no one in the present government is able to recall the adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Anyone with at least half a brain (a category which, I admit, may exclude most Labour ministers) ought to have foreseen that immigration on the unprecedentedly large scale presided over by Labour would be likely to both put pressure on public services, and create social tensions. As such, I would suggest that the obvious solution would have been to refrain from opening the borders to all and sundry in the first place. But none of this seems to have occurred to Labour. As I have previously remarked, the shortsightedness of the left when dealing with immigration and its attendant issues really is astounding.


Mercurius Aulicus said...

Have you seen that Steve Sailor has coined a phrase for those white "anti-racist" activists who earn a living from putting down their fellows - he calls them "Uncle Tims.

Anonymous said...

Anything Blears says is usually complete drivel and anyway, after about 30 seconds most people have stopped listening. She is a 'mistress' of the Brown technique of simply repeating a series of rehearsed words and phrases over and over and over again in response to every question being asked.
Where does the government find all these so called experts that are being despatched to these areas? I'm sure they are all local 'community leaders', equality officers, anti-racism activists. You can be sure there'll be lots of new leaflets and posters in all the relevant languages.
Kick 'em out and don't let 'em in , in the first place!

Anonymous said...

The idea of sending 'government advisers' into areas of social friction (caused by uncontrolled immigration) is the usual asinine attempt to 'manage' a problem that requires a solution. People like Blears think that gassy discussions about 'tensions and difficulties' will resolve them. Action is the last thing they want.

Prevention would have been better, but it's too late now.

Anonymous said...

In any case, it seems that no one in the present government is able to recall the adage, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

But when have NuLabour ever cured anything? All they do is talk, conduct "consultation exercises", hold "summits", and pump money into the deserving hands of their funders and supporters. Bliar has saved the world in speeches over and over again, and the world has never taken any notice.

Anonymous said...


As I have previously remarked, the shortsightedness of the left when dealing with immigration and its attendant issues really is astounding.

Some of them know perfectly well what they're doing. The support of the far left for mass immigration is based on clear knowledge of the opportunities it provides for their side. Smash the state and rule the ruins!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

I've directed such readers as I have to it.. ;)

patently said...

Anyone with at least half a brain (a category which, I admit, may exclude most Labour ministers)

May?? You mean there's some doubt in your mind?

Anonymous said...


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Fulham Reactionary said...


Thanks for that link. I quite like "Uncle Tims", although I'm not sure that it'll catch on. Maybe if there was some kind of novel (Uncle Tim's Large House in the Rich Suburb, perhaps)...


Thanks for linking.


I was feeling generous!

Robert said...

In the oil rich Middle Eastern country where I live, immigrants and temporary foerein workers must present their home country police records and pass a medical examination before being granted a residence or work visa.
The governements of the oil producing Middle Eastern states not occupied by foreigners all agree with Dr. David Duke that the first duties of a soveriegn state are to protect its boarders and provide for the well-being of its native population.
Since almost no traditionally white state has a government that fulfills these basic duties, I suggest that the ruling classes in these countries are made up of traitors.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tims?

Surely some mistake?
There's a lot of sensible blokes called Tim.

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