Thursday 17 July 2008

A latter-day Sophie's Choice

At ATW, Mike Cunningham proposes a truly thought-provoking ethical dilemma...


Anonymous said...

Actually I'd rifle his pockets, if possible, to recoup the cash owed me from the 10p tax band removal.

£80 still owed from this year as the compensation package only gives me £120.

£200 next years loss as no decision has yet been made for compensation.

Call it £300 and I'll be laughing!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the old joke from the 1960s about Harold Wilson, but I am sure that it could be updated.

Three schoolboys rescue Harold Wilson from drowning. When he recovers and learns about it he is very grateful, asks to see them, and asks if there was anything they would like him to do for them.

The first boy says I would like to be shown round the House of Commons and see it at work. Harold Wilson says no problem there.

The second boy says I would like to go up to Buckingham Palace and have tea with the Queen. Harold Wilson says it may be a bit more difficult but think it can be arranged.

The third boys says I would like a state funeral. Harold Wilson says you don't want a state funeral, you're only young you'll live for years yet, the boys says oh no I won't, because when my father finds out what I've done he'll kill me.

the doctor said...

I make these remarks as an ethicist :
What ethical dilemma could there be ,
one gets a pole to push him under and get someone else to photograph it . Oh that I could be in that position .

Anonymous said...

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Kenny said...

It would be quite brave to save someone's life.