Saturday, 24 February 2007

Britain in 2007

There's a piece at Western Resistance by a Scotsman, "Doug", describing his experiences of living in a Pakistani-dominated part of Glasgow. It is well worth reading, and I take the liberty of quoting a brief extract from it:

It began the first night, the upstairs neighbours began shouting and screaming, a man was hitting his wife, the noise was unbearable, they were Pakistani, the area was home to the largest Pakistani Muslim community in Scotland. I had looked at the area and was bedazzled by the ornate Georgian architecture; I had forgotten to take a look at the more important social dimension.

Pollokshields is large area, E Pollokshileds where I live is majority Pakistani Muslim neighbourhood. I walked the streets I smiled at my neighbours they mostly ignored me. A car drove by one day a youth stuck their head out of a car and shouted, "White bastard" at me. A week later I noticed a young man driving aggressively on to a junction nearly hitting another oncoming motorist, he jumped out of his car shouted "White Bitch" at the driver then sped off. The same week I was walking past my Local Park, I watched as a young boy off about eight was chased from the Park crying by two young UK Pakistanis, I shouted as the boy was obviously very distressed, the other boys looked at me confused, and shouted something in another language I did not understand.

Many of us will recognise this picture of our country. It is what occurs whenever and wherever an area becomes dominated by immigrants, but particularly where those immigrants are Muslims. It is a sad fact that we can expect to see plenty more areas of Britain follow the path of East Pollokshields.


Mother Ecclesiastica said...

Outlaw Islam.
Islam is not a religion.
It is a Totalitarian Dogma.

Disenfranchise and deport all Muslims from The British Isles!

Where is Our Good Sir Guy?
His Spirit lives on...

Anonymous said...

"Where is Our Good Sir Guy?"

At the wholesale fireworks shoppe. Don't draw attention and it might just work this time...