Tuesday, 20 February 2007

How long till we ban the burka?

One of the July 21st terrorist suspects escaped wearing a burka.

The burka has been used as a disguise by thieves.

It's a great all-round disguise. It makes people think you're a woman, and therefore less likely to be a violent criminal. It shows people that you're a Muslim, and therefore challenging you is "racist".

Normally anyone who wandered round wearing a piece of clothing that entirely covered their body would be stopped and searched by the police. But if you're wearing a burka, this doesn't happen. Because if a Muslim woman wearing a burka was stopped, the human rights/Islamophobia lynch mob would be on the case within hours, and there would be endless recriminations. So you can walk absolutely anywhere wearing one.

The burka is a criminal's wet dream. An absolute disguise, and virtually no chance of being stopped. It also symbolises oppression, and a backward, barbarian culture that is spreading like cancer. Let's ban it now!


British National Party member said...

Here's another very recent robbery using one;


British National Party member said...

P.s its great to see more and more people start up blogging. Welcome aboard!

Guardian apostate said...

Trying to ban it is one thing but at the very least it should be widely seen as socially unacceptable, in bad taste or not the done thing. That's what completely baffles me about those on the left desperate to defend the rights of muslim women to wear such an obviously repressive garment. It's just one more facet of multiculturism I've come to loathe. All the best with your new blog. I'll certainly be checking it regularly.

Fulham Reactionary said...

BNP Member:

Thanks for that story. I remember reading it on your blog a few days ago. It was in my mind when I wrote this post, but I couldn't remember where I'd seen it. Now I know, although I suspect that we'll soon have quite a range of such stories to choose from.

Guardian Apostate:

I think the thing with the left is that they see the west as being inherently more oppressive than Muslims, who are, by definition, victims. So when people in the west attack the burka, that is just oppression, cultural supremacism, etc. It doesn't make sense, but the we are talking about leftists.