Monday, 3 December 2007

Cause and Effect

Consider this story:
Children are more likely to be injured by their classmates in England than in almost any other comparable country, a Pirls international survey has found. England was ranked 37th out of 45 countries and provinces in a league table of pupils' feelings of safety in school - but first when English headteachers were asked. Norway was ranked top, followed by Sweden and Denmark in the index of children's perceptions of their safety. Morocco, Russia and Iran all had better records than England.
Now, I wonder, could cases like the following have anything to do with this sorry state of affairs?

In October, three sixth-formers from a school in the South East took knives on a school trip, which resulted in a pupil being stabbed in the chest. One successfully appealed against exclusion and is back at school.

In June, governors overturned the decision of a secondary school head in the Midlands who had expelled a teenage pupil for setting up a website calling on classmates to kill a teacher.

In May, an 11-year-old pupil who repeatedly battered a fellow pupil on the head, punched a member of staff and smashed a door was returned to the school in the South East by the governing body.

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Alex said...

Not only have teachers in many British schools been deprived of lawful authority, many of them are willing "liberal" accomplices in the collapse of standards (moral and academic) which forms the context for the routine violence reported in this survey.

Fulham Reactionary said...

No, I don't have an awful lot of sympathy for most teachers, although I do feel sorry for the decent ones who are suffering thanks to their colleagues's incompetence. My main concern is the impact on pupils.

Homophobic Horse said...

I think state education in general should be abolished so that children are not exposed to the malign machinations of the agents of the collective.

Anonymous said...

Award every child twelve GCSE's at birth then you can close all the schools and save the taxpayer a fortune.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend and fellow BNPer

It might be hard to imagine but there are people in the BNP who want to tarnish our name and its image. We can suppose that there are plenty of riff raff in the labour and conservative and respect and libdims parties who hate us and our aims who want to screw us but people in our own party who want to screw us and damage us is more difficult to get your head round.

Such people do exist and im going to give you some photographic evidence taken at the annual conference in blackpool which shows two people who think they are clever but are complete idiots and acted in a way which broke the security code of conduct which everyine else at blackpool saw fit to adhere to.

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talking about messing about did you know that these are the two persons who brought back two 13 year old schoolgirls to the kimberley hotel for sex at last year conference but were rumbled by security who got the two little girls out of the hotel before they could have their wicked way? they got a severe doing down for that but isnt it disgusting that there are two BNP members out there who could even think of doing this kind of thing. worth bearing in mind if you are bringing your children along to the RWB next year.

if you had to drive hundreds of miles down or up or across to blackpool and paid the money for the weekend and you adhered to the security code of conduct then you can ask why aint these two idiots even getting a talking to for this stupidity?

im keeping my kids away from the RWB next year if these kiddy fiddlers are still party members, im staying away from the annual conference if these two chimps are going to put my life in danger and my mates and the hotel staff in danger.

i got your email address from the bnp website but this should be put around to many more people - its the truth and its not just out there as they say in xfiles but its in here (BNP) as well.

yours for race and nation


Daphne said...

I would personally beat the sh*t out of any kid that assaulted mine like that period. Then I would sue the Hell out of the school district.

Parents need to start taking responsibility for protecting their children.