Sunday, 30 December 2007

My New Year Wishes

Dizzyfatplonka has tagged me with a quite interesting meme. Simply put, I am required to list eight things that I want to happen in the coming year. So here are the things I look forward to seeing in 2008:
1. A politician swinging from every lamp post in Westminster.

2. The BBC closed down.

3. The wholesale restructuring of our education system - harder exams, (British) history made compulsory to GCSE level, a return to traditional teaching methods, the abolition of soft subjects, fewer university places, the ditching of the new diplomas, and of course, more grammar schools. And the end of the practice of using the education system as a tool for left-wing indoctrination.

4. The creation of a genuine pan-European mass movement against Islamification, building on the foundations already laid by SIOE.

5. An end to mass immigration.

6. British withdrawal from the EU.

7. The death of the nanny state. I especially want to see the repeal of the law against smoking in pubs, the destruction of the massive police DNA database, and the dropping of plans to impose ID cards upon us.

8. I become the owner of a Morgan Aero 8.
Sadly, I think that the only ones that have even a remote chance of occurring are 1, 4, and 8. Because they're the only ones that don't depend on the goodwill or competence of politicians...

I know that some bloggers regard memes as irritating, and that some bloggers love them, so, in order to avoid irritating those in the former category by including them, or disappointing those in the latter category by excluding them, I will simply throw this open to those who want it. Enjoy!

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muzzylogic said...

1. A politician swinging from every lamp post in Westminster.

Putting politicians to useful labour would be more effective, though less fun, than hanging them. Street-cleaners, shoe-shine boys and lavatory attendants sound right.

5. An end to mass immigration.

No, a(nother) very simple mathematical operation needs to be performed on the immigration stats: multiplying them by -1. We're still in very serious demographic trouble if it simply ends.