Tuesday, 18 December 2007

"I hope you all die a long and slow and horrible death"

Laban Tall meets the tolerant, sensitive, and thoughtful left, in the form of Liverpudlian Labour councillor and "Christian Socialist", Louise Baldock.


muzzylogic said...

A long and slow and horrible death, eh? Like this one, does she mean?

Six men have been jailed for life for the kidnap, torture and murder of schoolgirl Mary-Ann Leneghan. The eight-week trial heard how Mary-Ann and her friend were abducted in Reading during the early hours of 7 May, 2005. The teenagers were bundled into a car boot and driven to a tiny room at the Abbey House Hotel in the city. The girls were drugged, raped and tortured with cigarettes, knives, a metal bar and boiling water for three hours before being driven to Prospect Park to be executed in a revenge killing for an earlier gang attack on Adrian Thomas. One prosecution lawyer likened their torture to the "horror of war crimes".


Or was she thinking of this one?

Three men have been jailed for life after they were found guilty of the racially-motivated murder of white Glasgow teenager Kriss Donald. Faisal Mushtaq, 27, Zeeshan Shahid, 28, and his brother Imran Shahid, 29, had denied murdering Kriss, 15, in 2004. The six week trial had heard that her son had shouted: "I'm only 15, what have I done?" as he was dragged from the street and into a car. The gang took him on a 200-mile journey to Dundee and back while they made phone calls looking for a house to take him to. Having no success, they returned to Glasgow and took him to the quiet Clyde Walkway, near Celtic FC's training ground. There, they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times before dousing him with petrol and setting him alight while he may still have been alive.


Then again, it's quite possible those two murders have escaped her attention, which is a pity, really, because socialists like her had a much bigger hand in them than they yet seem willing to admit.

Homophobic Horse said...

Yes, I have been thihnking about this. The death camps will be back by 2020 and they will be for people like us.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realise how much street cred you are giving this woman by promoting her in this way

You are creating a new hero on the Labour left every time you mention her name.