Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Racist thugs convicted

An update on the racially-motivated attempted murder mentioned en passant in this post - specifically, a verdict in the case:
Three Asian racists were convicted at the Old Bailey today of shattering a man's skull because he was white.

Sodrul Islam, 23, Delwar Hussain, 21, and Mamoon Hussain, 20, were found guilty of attempted murder for the attack on John Payne, 33.

Up to 30 Asians set upon the victim and his friends for drinking in a pub on the Clichy estate in Stepney, which the gang considered to be their turf.

They shouted insults including "white honkies" at the five people who dared to walk through.

Mr Payne was then felled with a machete and the gang repeatedly punched and kicked him as he lay helpless on the ground.

The gang continued as Mr Payne's sobbing girlfriend tried to shield him.

He suffered a severe fracture of his head and bone fragments penetrated his brain.

Surgeons at the Royal London Hospital battled to save him.

He continues to require constant medication and suffers severe epilepsy, nightmares and flashbacks.

The three defendants, from Stepney, will be sentenced in the New Year.

Still not a single word about the case on al-Beeb's website. Indeed, the Daily Mail appears to be the only news source of any description to report the conviction. Oddly enough, I find it difficult to imagine that we would be witnessing this almost total media blackout had the mob of murderous thugs been white, and their victim Pakistani. Oh well - c'est la vie...

Hat-tip: Pub Philosopher


Fidothedog said...

You got to love the BBC - biased as they come.

muzzylogic said...

Come, come, FR: when reality contradicts liberal ideology, you can't expect liberal ideology to give way. The reality is that by far the most racist and violent groups in the UK are its ever-growing ethnic minorities; the liberal ideology is that white racism is not just the only kind we need worry about, it's the only kind there is.

Homophobic Horse said...

So why do they have these double standards? What does it pratically amount to?

They want to destroy you all, as Keith Vaz admitted in that interview:

"I think it's wonderful the country's being transformed"

[This post is racist and will get you sacked and blacklisted]

Anonymous said...

My two cents:

It’s no hate crime when the victim is white

Cindy Dy said...

It's enjoyable to learn more and more from your blog. Thanks for sharing.


Leslie Lim said...

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