Friday 23 February 2007

Someone has the right idea

A chav has been pictured making a gun gesture behind David Cameron. 17 year old Ryan Florence of the "Benchill Mad Dogs" gang in Manchester apparently "did it for a laugh".

Personally, I'm just disappointed it wasn't a real gun. I can't stand - absolutely can't stand - Cameron, and his smug, Blue Labour acolytes, who would quite possibly actually be worse than the real Labour Party, if they got in. Thugs like Ryan Florence, who has convictions for burglary and mugging, and whose friends were pictured in a video on the BBC website brandishing machetes, make life misery for millions of people. For those people, seeing Florence make a gun gesture at them must be terrifying, because, unlike Cameron, they might actually get attacked. But because of this Cameron can go back to his nice Notting Hill home, his dinner parties and luxury lifestyle, and pretend that he has a real understanding of life on our most run-down estates. Then he can continue to jabber on about "compassion" and "understanding" for people like Ryan Florence, while ignoring the misery they cause to those around them. It says something about the picture above that Florence is by far the more valuable member of society pictured in it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Fulham Reactionary,
From the information you have offered in regard to your Goodself, it would seem we, you and I, have some things in common...

Therefore, Courtesy obliges me to inform you, dear Fulham Reactionary, that I am a Republican!!

I ask you, Sir, will you agree to disagree with me on this important Matter, whilst we engage ourselves in the War Against Islam and Free Our People?

United against Our Common Enemy: We shall be Victorious!!

The little Matter of the Monarchy can be discussed after Our Victory Dinner; and if it should still remain that you and I are at Strong Disagreement, I will gladly meet you the following Dawn at a place of your choosing...

I'll bring the Tea, if you'll bring the Toast!

Mother Ecclesiastica.

Anonymous said...

But who will bring the jam?

Fulham Reactionary said...

Mother Ecclesiastica:

Any enemy of Islam is a friend of mine. Your offer is gratefully accepted.

I can almost taste the victory dinner!