Sunday 25 February 2007

United States of Europe?

Via Iain Dale, the News of the World is reporting that our Dear Leader is planning to sign up to the revised EU constitution, which lays the foundation for a unified European nation. The date of this great betrayal will apparently be March 25th.

The fact that the EU constitution makes provision for such emblems of a unified state as a single president and, perhaps more importantly, foreign minister for the whole of the EU is well documented, and I do not propose to discuss them any further here.

However, I have read the original EU constitution (the one that got rejected, when that despicable bunch of ill-educated proles commonly known as "the public" were allowed to vote on it), and one thing that irritated me, but has not been generally touched on, was that it incorporated the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This includes not only "negative" rights, such as the right to life, but also "positive" rights, such as the "right" to claim benefits. The result of including this in the constitution is that it would actually be unconstitutional for a government to attempt to cut back on the provision of state benefits, at least beyond a certain level. That is at least my interpretation of it. If my interpretation is correct, the EU constitution would in effect be enshrining social democracy as the compulsory form of government. Of course, the public may want that, but now, if they don't, they won't be able to do anything about it.

But then the EU constitution was never going to be a triumph for democracy anyway. People in Britain don't want it. The poll on the News of the World page is currently showing 82% against it. If it was put to a vote, then the people of this country would simply do what the French and Dutch have done already, and reject it, probably by an overwhelming majority. So our government is simply going to begin selling us out completely, without even asking our opinion.

Is it treason? You probably wouldn't get very far if you went down to the police station to report it. But morally, of course it is.

Update, 3.45pm, 26th February: I've just realised that the 25th March will also be the two-hundredth anniversary of the day when the abolition of slavery received the Royal Assent. It's ironic that Blair has picked that particular day to sell the entire nation into servitude.


Anonymous said...

Given the recent fetish for protesting on the streets about anything and everything, I'm amazed no-one's planning one against this disgusting action.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Indeed. But I've noticed that going on a big protest march seems to be very much a left-wing thing to do. Mass right-wing protests such as the Countryside Alliance march tend to be a rarity, whereas a glance at the Stop the War Coalition's website reveals weekly or monthly protests all over the UK.

I'm not sure why this is. Possibly something to do with the left being more collectivist.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps because the right are more clear-headed? We saw how the marches against the Iraq war didn't do anything and can see that it's only the threat of violence that seems to motivate UK governments to change anything. And since we're (still, for some reason) law-abiding citizens, that leaves us somewhat stranded.

Until they make voting other than Labour illegal, then we'll all be criminals by default.