Tuesday 10 April 2007

More on the Mandaeans

It seems to be a bit of a day for following up previous stories, so, via Dhimmi Watch, here is a follow up to the story I posted at the beginning of March, about the Islamic extermination of Iraq's tiny Mandaean minority. It seems that increasing numbers of them are finding their way to Sweden:
There could now be 5,000 Mandaeans living in Sweden, about as many as in Iraq, according to Mandaean-Sabian Association of Sweden. Most, like Amin Farhan, are unreservedly happy to have made it here; it is a place, he said, where "human life has a value."
Indeed. Unfortunately for them, and for every other infidel in Sweden, it doesn't look like Sweden's going to stay that way much longer. According to Fjordman, it is "the most pathetic dhimmi nation in the Western world", rapidly giving into the Muslims on anything and everything. A few years and the Mandaeans will be moving on again, and again, until there's nowhere left to run.

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