Sunday 6 January 2008

Arrest this man!

The claim that immigrants are necessary to do the jobs that Britons can't or won't do is a favourite of the liberal-left, and like most of their favoured claims, is untrue. However, there is one job where this particular assertion is indeed accurate: the post of Archbishop of Canterbury. Because while the present incumbent, Rowan Williams, is an indescribable idiot, whose buffooneries are too numerous and too well-known to be worth listing, the Ugandan Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, sometimes talks sense, and Michael Nazir-Ali, the Pakistani Bishop of Rochester and son of an Islamic apostate, has often done so. Today, Mr Nazir-Ali has once again come out and said the (to the likes of Rowan Williams) unsayable:
Islamic extremists have created "no-go" areas across Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter, one of the Church of England's most senior bishops warns today.

The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester and the Church's only Asian bishop, says that people of a different race or faith face physical attack if they live or work in communities dominated by a strict Muslim ideology.

The Muslim Council of Britain today described his comments as "frantic scaremongering", while William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said the bishop had "probably put it too strongly".

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said the idea of no-go areas was "a gross caricature of reality".
Really? We already know that in places like Oldham, Pakistani thugs are creating no-go areas for whites. We know (although Messrs Clegg and Hague may not, since the MSM utterly failed to report the story) that John Payne was almost killed for being white in a Pakistani area. I also recall an incident in which a British home secretary was told that he should not "dare" to set foot in a "Muslim area" - the area in question being Leytonstone, East London. Obviously race was the dominant factor in the first two incidents, but it is quite possible that Kuffarphobia was also a motivation for these attacks, and it is clear that this was the basis for the third incident. Certainly, the existence of cases such as these indicates that Clegg and Hague are utterly wrong to dismiss Michael Nazir-Ali's comments out of hand, without giving even the slightest consideration to what he says. The fact that Clegg, in particular, did so in such strong, almost vituperative, terms, tells you rather a lot about the liberal-left, and their desperation not to face up to any of the negative facts attendant upon the multicultural Eden that they have created in parts of this country.

Mr Nazir-Ali, whose full article may be read here, also makes sensible points about the negative effect that the decline of Christianity has had on Britain, the increasing Islamification of British public life, in at least some areas, and the failings of multiculturalism. But it is his remarks about the creation of no-go areas that have attracted the most attention. As I recall, similar points about the takeover of certain areas by Muslims have been made by Lionheart. I wonder whether Mr Nazir-Ali will soon be getting his dog collar felt by the Kent filth...?

Update: Hazel Blears has also weighed in on the issue, declaring that she "does not recognise" the existence of no-go areas. Which sounds to me rather like the numerous Islamic countries that refuse to recognise Israel, and which certainly invites the same reply: just because you don't recognise them, doesn't mean that they're not there. She also asserted that Islamic extremists were a "tiny minority". Isn't it about time that someone thought up a new

Meanwhile, two Muslim organisations have demanded that Mr Nazir-Ali resign, on the grounds that he "is promoting hatred towards Muslims
". One wonders what their views are on imams, such as those featured in Undercover Mosque, who actually do incite, not only hatred, but murder as well?


Anonymous said...

Let us not lose sight of the fact that Dr Nazir-Ali was chased out of Pakistan by death threats from Muslim militants who did not like his ministry as a Bishop in the Church of Pakistan. He knows what is happening first hand.

As I say in my brief note on the topic, that the Muslim Council of Britain call his comments "irresponsible" and "unethical" pretty much confirms that what the Bishop said is true!

Anonymous said...

On BBC radio, Bishop Nazir-Ali's observations were reported as "controversial"- which seems a curious choice of words to describe honesty. However, in order to maintain their bogus front of "impartiality", the BBC has a checklist of code words which are used in cases of ideological ambiguity. Thus, "controversial" can mean, from the BBC point of view, a merely "deplorable" statement/event through several intermediate steps to having an outright "fascist" character.

In other words, whenever you hear a BBC report containing the word "controversial", you can be sure that whatever it applies to is thoroughly deprecated by the ideologues at the Beeb

Anonymous said...

FR -- By praising Ali and Sentamu, you are acquiescing in what liberalism has done to the UK. Senior whites can't talk sense because they would be vilified for it and lose their jobs. Sentamu, I know for certain, is a publicity-crazed buffoon with no intention of criticizing the ethnic invasion or of stepping off his own "Gizza job coz I'm black" gravy-train. Nazir-Ali is brighter than Sentamu, but he too is a symptom of our liberal disease rather than part of the cure. We are not going to be rescued by ethnics who should not be here in the first place and should certainly not be occupying senior positions in the Church of England.

Fulham Reactionary said...


I don't agree that simply because I object to mass immigration, and its effect on this country, I should not praise an immigrant who says or does something that I agree with. I would very much like it if the white CofE bishops came out and criticised Islam, but the fact is that only Nazir-Ali, and, although very much to a lesser extent, Sentamu, are doing so. It is true that, while Nazir-Ali is being attacked for what he has said, a white bishop would have been on the receiving end of far greater and more vitriolic criticism. But failing to support those who do speak out, including non-whites, is hardly going to make it easier for others to do so in the future.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The British MSM really have woken up and are beginning to reflect the national mood.

Here are five newspaper excerpts from today's Islamophobia Watch in addition to yesterday's Hard-hitting Daily Express article:

Daily Mail


Daily Telegraph 1

Daily Telegraph 2

Sunday Telegraph

The £64000 question is how do we turn this tide of revulsion against the Death-cult into poliitical action? Is it too late? These parasites have wormed their way into every aspect of national life and are producing poisons which are killing the Body Politic.

And they are still entering at the rate of several hundred every day, and swarming and breeding like maggots when they get here. Meanwhile the political parties dare not admit that there is a problem - partly because they are chasing the 'Muslim Vote' - and partly because to stop the influx would be to acknowledge that Muslims are bad for the country (to put it mildly), and thus admit that they have allowed a major national disaster to occur on their watch.

The first rule of finding yourself in a hole is to stop digging. But the mainstream parties won't even do that.

Four actions are needed to save Britain.

(1) Immediate end to Muslim immigration
(2) Immediate deportation of all illegals.
(3) Removal of children from Muslim parents where abuse is possible (physical abuse such as FGM and mental abuse such as hate-cult indocrination)
(4) Internment of all illegals or potential terrorists who can't be deported.

To our American cousins I would say it isn't too late for you, but if you do nothing for another five years you'll be in the same state as Britain. You must stop importing terrorists now!

Anonymous said...

FR -- Okay, but praise has to be put in context. And the context is that Nazir-Ali and Sentamu owe both their posts and their privilege to our liberal corruption. Their privilege is being able to speak out when whites can't.

Btw, have you seen this?

Schoolboy battered to brink of death with claw hammer in savage attack resembling Tarantino film

A schoolboy was battered with a claw hammer to the brink of death in a gang attack like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino film, a court heard today. Teenager Henry Webster was struck with such force that a hammer imprint was left on his skull and eyewitnesses feared he would be killed in the sickening assault. The 16-year-old rugby player suffered three skull fractures - one causing brain injury and needed surgery, Bristol Crown Court was told, and still suffers from the effects of the "savage beating" by 16 Asian youths. Four teenagers - Wasif Khan,18, Amjad Qazi,19, and two boys aged 15 and 16, who cannot be named for legal reasons - are charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Anonymous said...

muzzylogic reports:

Schoolboy battered to brink of death with claw hammer in savage attack resembling Tarantino film.

I noted in the Daily Telegraph account, that "racism" isn't claimed to be the motive for this vicious attack.

I believe Asiatic thugs are simply incapable of "racist" attitudes.

JuliaM said...

"I noted in the Daily Telegraph account, that "racism" isn't claimed to be the motive for this vicious attack."

Try Laban Tall's site this morning. The defence is doing their best to get it a defence!