Sunday 13 January 2008

Police confirm Lionheart arrest claim

It seems that the news of Lionheart's impending arrest has made the MSM. Well, alright, it's only the Bedfordshire on Sunday local paper. Still, it's better than nothing.

The full article can be read here, although most of it simply seems to have been regurgitated from Lionheart's own posts on the matter. But there is one interesting piece of information, right at the end of the piece:
A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We are aware of this particular internet site and we are taking action."
This would appear to be the first confirmation of Lionheart's story by the police. Some bloggers and commenters have expressed scepticism, to one degree or another, about the veracity of Lionheart's claim that he was facing arrest, on the grounds that it was uncorroborated. I myself was only prepared to accept his story provisionally, pending confirmation from an impartial source. Well, the fact that the police spokesman admitted that "action" is to be taken over Lionheart's blog constitutes that confirmation. As does the Bedfordshire on Sunday report, in fact.

Hat-tip: Lionheart


Homophobic Horse said...

"Aware" of it says Bedfordshire Police. Perhaps they snoop these blogs and note the politically incorrect ones.

They treat us like we were planninng mass murder. lol. irony.

JuliaM said...

"They treat us like we were planninng mass murder..."

You mean, like their own firearms officers...?

(well, only two, admittedly, unless you count himself)

Anonymous said...

I believe the communist government of China closes down (or makes inaccessible) websites that criticise and contradict its "official version" of reality. The thought controllers in the Western world would be happy to follow suit, and censor the internet. It is technically possible, I suppose.

Perhaps the era of free speech at sites like this in blogland, is coming to a close.

Anonymous said...

More Eurocensorship:

"Jan 14, 2008, 11:59 GMT Vienna - Remarks by a right-wing politician denouncing Islam and accusing the Prophet Mohammed of having been a paedophile provoked widespread outrage in Austria on Monday, with authorities investigating whether they constituted hate speech.

Susanne Winter, a candidate for the Freedom Party in local elections in Graz in south-eastern Austria, said on Sunday that Mohammed's marriage to a 6-year-old girl would make the prophet a 'paedophile in today's system.'

Speaking at a rally, Winter demanded that Islam should be 'thrown back where it came from, beyond the Mediterranean Sea.'

Winter later justified her attacks. 'There is widespread child abuse by Muslim men,' she was quoted as saying by the newspaper Oesterreich.

'Why can't I say this? That has nothing to do with hate speech. We want neither Austrian nor foreign paedophiles. I did not want to incite hatred, or offend a religious community,' she said.

Austria's authorities were investigating whether Winter's remarks constituted incitement to hatred, a spokesman from the prosecutor's office said. If found guilty, Winter could face up to two years in prison.

Politicians from all other factions sharply denounced Winter's remarks and called for her resignation.

Muslim representatives in Austria criticized the remarks. Omar al- Rawi, a spokesman for Austria's Muslim community, slammed the lack of respect shown by the right-wing politician.

Attacks against Islam had reached a level that 'made one's stomach turn,' al-Rawi said.

Graz will elect a local government on January 20. In the 2006 general elections the Freedom Party received 13 per cent of the vote.

The affair is reminiscent of the controversy over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, published in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 that later caused international protests, resulting in a number of deaths. "


Anonymous said...

Truth is no defence against the determination to censor any criticism of Islam.

I should not be surprised if Susanne Winter ends up in prison - where she will be "protected" against the inevitable death threats we can surely expect from the Austrian ayatollahs.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Alex, internet censorship is very much possible. It is has been installed throughout Britain, under the screen of the fight against kiddie-porn. You might be aware that every ISP (well, at least those that do not wish to get branded as "pervert friendly") now checks your browser's requests for information from the internet against the Watch List prepared by the Internet Watch Foundation. And no, as an ordinary punter, you are NOT allowed to know what sites are proscribed. If the page or image that you request comes from a site that is forbidden, instead of fetching the requested item, the software just returns a "not found" message. Fine, I have no brief for kiddie-porn in the slightest.

The software in question is "Squid". It is a freely available internet caching program with all sorts of beneficial attributes. But when you start reading about it (start at you will realise that it is capable of logging every request (quite handy bearing in mind the forthcoming legal requirement to do just that!), and it can substitute anything it is told to with anything else that it is told to. The information you ask for may not be the information you are allowed to get.

I won't go on any longer here as it is not an IT forum, but the "official version" of "reality" may not be too far away in our "non imperial empire" of Barroso's manipulations.

Anonymous said...

I read some of the squid page.
Touching that they are so concerned with saving everyones bandwidth, yet thats irrelevant with blogs like this, the bandwidth is tiny. So they should be worrying about movie and the like. Text based sites dont put any strain on the internet.