Saturday, 1 September 2007

Population Replacement in Birmingham, and Britain

In the Telegraph, I read that a team of demographers at Manchester University has predicted that whites will be a minority group in Birmingham by the year 2027. According to the university's Dr Ludi Simpson, the growth of the "minority" population will be driven by the doubling in size of the Pakistani population.

So, not just population replacement, but the first steps towards Islamification as well. Isn't Mark Steyn supposed to be a paranoid racist for predicting demographic change of this nature?

Interestingly, Dr Simpson is scathingly dismissive of the common liberal notion that, in such Balkanised cities as Birmingham, the numerous different ethnic groups now living within Molotov cocktail-throwing distance of one another will just join hands and sing "Kumbaya". Rather, he acknowledges that the suburbs of such cities are "sites of real tension". And, it should be noted that this tension does not just arise between whites and non-whites; it also arises between different non-white groups, with the most notorious recent example being the clashes between Pakistanis and blacks in the Lozells area of Birmingham, two years ago.

The gradual population replacement taking place in many of our largest cities should be a cause of immense concern. The increased likelihood of inter-racial violence, as our cities become increasingly fragmented, and increasingly segregated along racial lines, with each group mistrusting the next, is a considerable problem in itself. And not one that any mainstream politicians are really making much effort to address. They all subscribe to the Kumbaya fantasy.
However, the second concern is, as I see it, more important. It is that we are witnessing a massive change in the racial make-up of our society. Where Birmingham goes, the rest of Britain is likely to follow. This change truly is without precedent - never before has a majority population voluntarily turned itself into a minority - and its implications are potentially immense. And yet, there has never been a serious public debate about this most important of all issues. Indeed, any debate on this issue is positively shut down, with the label 'racist' hastily applied to any who dare raise it. I believe that the British people deserve to know the details of what the political elite has inflicted upon them, and they deserve a debate on whether we want the demographic change that this country has already endured to be exacerbated by continued mass immigration. Sadly, I don't expect that we are likely to see any such debate anytime soon.


Daphne said...

You write like a dream FR, always a pleasure to read you.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But what are we going to do about it? I cannot find any non-party political organisation that is challenging this. MigrationWatch is the nearest, but I think their emphasis is on the numbers rather than the ethnic replacement, which is a polite way of saying genocide (look up the UN convention on genocide). I cannot imagine non-white countries being so supine in the face of national annihilation perpetrated by their own ruling class. What's wrong with us?

Roger said...

There will not be any debate because only one conclusion will be rapidly arrived at. End immigration.

Anonymous said...

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