Thursday, 13 September 2007

A sign of things to come

Have you seen that Hertfordshire Police have produced a series of posters which will be placed in prominent locations, in an effort to deter would-be criminals? In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, these posters will carry hard-hitting slogans, such as "Don't Commit Crime", and, for those that will be put up in petrol stations, "All fuel must be paid for". And why not? After all, we've all been there - that moment when you've just broken into someone's house, and you suddenly remember that you shouldn't commit crime. Maybe this will make it easier to remember, for those of us of a forgetful nature.

Commenting on the posters, a Hertfordshire Police spokesman said:

We are not saying it is going to stop hardened criminals but it may make someone who is nervous think twice.

Yes, they might think twice. After which they'll probably go ahead and do it anyway, because, so far as I know, a sign does not have powers of arrest.

Policemen, on the other hand, have extensive powers of arrest. Maybe, when they've finished putting up the signs, they could actually try doing the job they're paid for, and go out patrolling the streets. Somehow, I think that the sight of a burly policeman watching them with interest might prove a rather better deterrent for most aspirant criminals than a sign telling them not to be naughty.

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JuliaM said...

Well, this sign is stupid, true, but then not as bad as those signs that warn you to keep your mobile or iPod hidden because thieves operate in the area.

The subtext of those is: "You scum, flaunting your possessions under the noses of the criminals with poor impulse control, what do you think is going to happen? God, we are so tired with having to deal with petty crime like this, just shut up & claim on the insurance, can't you?"