Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Today's Scum

A retired lecturer who moved to the seaside in search of "the good life" was kicked to death by a thug who started pestering her in the street.

Susan Grundy, 56, was walking home after an evening with friends when Stephen Browning approached her for a cigarette.

When she refused, Browning, a convicted thug who had just been bailed by police after a drunken outburst, unleashed the most sickening attack.

He punched, kicked and stamped on Mrs Grundy more than 20 times, Bradford Crown Court heard.

High on a cocktail of drink and drugs, he then stripped her naked, sexually assaulted her and left her dying on the ground.

Then he went to a nearby nightclub and bought a round of drinks with £50 he had stolen from her purse.

Browning, 31, who admitted murder, was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 25 years.

So, he'll be 56 when he gets out - the same age Mrs Grundy was when he killed her. Personally, I think that Stephen Browning is an excellent argument for the death penalty. I think that there can be no doubt that such a vile creature deserves nothing less than an appointment with Jack Ketch.

And there's more:

Two weeks earlier, he had been released from a four month jail term for an assault on his girlfriend in November 2006.

After his release on January 9, he went to his sister's home and got drunk, before being arrested for breaching the peace and obstructing a police officer.

He was still on bail at the time of the murder. He was also separated from his wife, whom he had attacked in 2002.

So, if this man, with his clear predilection for violence, particularly, it seems, against women, had not been granted bail, then Mrs Grundy would still be alive today. Another great triumph for British justice!


Aberdeen Patriot said...

What an animal, now he wi8ll have 25 years of being pandered too in jail. also he will have a few good tears at a low risk jail being prepared for release.
I think he should have his hand cuffed and left at the mercy of this poor ladies family. Why do we pander to such filth. The rope is the only answer.

Daphne said...

Why is this under USA?

I think a better labeling would be:


Two words for you..........Death Penalty.

Fulham Reactionary said...


The 'USA' tag refers to the post above, about the exploits of Senator Craig. This post, which refers to an event which took place in the UK, is tagged 'murder' and 'scum of the Earth'.

youdontknowme said...

Prison isn't enough for scum like this. They deserve the death penalty but unfortunately they won't be getting it.