Friday, 21 September 2007

My heart bleeds...

Chris Langham has been tormented and bullied since being jailed for ten months for child-porn offences, his wife has said.

The 58-year-old actor has been pelted with missiles, taunted and had his cell flooded by other prisoners while being ignored by guards, according to Christine Cartwright.

She has stayed loyal to the Bafta-winning star despite his conviction for downloading internet material including vile footage of an eight-year- old being abused by her father.

Miss Cartwright, 54, wept with emotion as she spoke in detail for the first time about her husband's conviction, saying she was keen for their two young children to visit him.

"He's been verbally abused, taunted continuously, had missiles thrown at him and his cell flooded out by other prisoners," she said.

"He is trying to be a model prisoner. He says 'Good morning' to the prison officers, but they just tell him to shut up."

The choreographer and actress claimed Langham was guilty only of "stupidity, arrogance and ghoulish curiosity".

Yes, and also fifteen charges of downloading child pornography. One might have rather more sympathy for Langham's plight, were it not for this last point. As it is, I have absolutely none, and I doubt that anyone else has any either.

It's also interesting to note that even criminals have a grasp of morals sufficient to enable them to identify Langham as scum. When I wrote about the attack by a group of prisoners on the terrorist Dhiren Barot, Mr Smith pointed me in the direction of an interesting article on the subject by Theodore Dalrymple, which is worth reading. Now, if only the average liberal had the same grasp of morality and justice as the average criminal, then we might be in business!


bernard said...

I'd be interested to know how Langham is going to earn his living when he comes out.
When that creep Piers Morgan was frog-marched out of his office for passing off false pictures of British army servicemen peeing on detainees, I thought that we'd never see his like around again, but after a period of rehab' he was welcomed into the arms of the BBC as a valued commentator.
Knowing the BBC's surreptitious fondness for soft porn, Langham probably has a job waiting for him.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Oh, I think that the revulsion which the general public feel towards paedophiles is such that Langham's career is well and truly over. While what Morgan did was despicable (and his financial dealings were pretty dodgy too), there is no way that he will inspire the same mass visceral loathing that the likes of Langham inspire. I would be very surprised if Langham's career does not go the way of Gary Glitter's and Jonathan King's before him.

Daphne said...

His wife is a complete nitwit.

Is anybody making sure her children are being raised by somebody competent? This woman doesn't sound like she's in touch with reality. A normal wife and mother would have had the divorce papers filed hours after his guilt was proven.