Thursday 25 October 2007

For a change: a nice news story

In a comment on my post about Stephen Gordon, who carried out a vicious assault on a 96 year-old war veteran, and got off with a three year supervision order, Daphne wrote the following:
FR, you have the absolutely worst stories anywhere on the blogosphere.

I need to go take my Prozac after reading you!
So here, for Daphne, and also for any readers who may feel, as I sometimes do, that this country is definitely doomed, is a story of the kind that makes one proud to be British:
He was carrying a gun with intent to rob. She was behind the till at a Tesco petrol station.

With the odds so heavily in his favour the gunman must have thought the next few seconds would be a breeze. He had not, however, allowed for the formidable Linda Faulkner.

Instead of surrendering the £15 cash from her till, the 51-year-old turned to the raider and told him she was too busy to deal with him.

"I just got on with it," she said. "British people don't stop work just because someone is trying to bully us with guns."

Yesterday David Collinson, 42, was beginning a seven-year jail sentence after he was convicted of robbery at Gloucester Crown Court.

Judge Martin Picton paid tribute to Miss Faulkner with a £200 court award and told her she had shown ' remarkable courage' in standing up to the armed raider.

Exactly. I am also pleased to note that Collinson got a pretty decent sentence, even bearing in mind that he may only serve half of it. Certainly a lot more reasonable than that given to Stephen Gordon. All in all a happy ending all round, except for the bad guy.

Now, if only our politicians could learn to stand up to the Islamofascists, the EU, and the other scum who threaten our country, in the same way that Linda Faulkner stood up to this criminal thug, then we might be in business!


Daphne said...


Now that is a fine and uplifting story!

Thanks FR, tonight I'll just have bourbon and Toast this fine woman repeatedly!

BFB said...

I've been struggling to find a reason to be PROUD to be British...until now.

Bless her little cotton socks.


Anonymous said...

He didn't have the bollocks to shoot her lol. What an amatuer.

Anonymous said...

Good on her! I do hope that she is not charged with damaging his self-esteem.

The Gunslinger said...

If only she'd been allowed to have a gun behind that counter...

Anonymous said...

She was lucky she was confronted by a white guy. A black or subcon would have been properly tooled up and would have laid her out.