Thursday 4 October 2007


Reading the following news report brought nothing to my mind so much as the 1960s film, If....:

Police were called to a comprehensive school where pupils had walked out of class and set fire to their school blazers in a protest against new rules requiring them to wear uniforms.

The pupils, aged 13 to 16, put their new blazers in a pile and set fire to them in front of the school at Abertillery, in South Wales, which has about 900 pupils.

The protest came the day after Michael Gove, the Shadow Schools Secretary, during a speech at the Tory conference, promised to reintroduce blazers at all secondary schools.

Police were interviewing the ringleaders yesterday. The decision to reintroduce the black blazers was made by the school council and had been popular with parents, despite them costing an average of £34.

Pauline Thomas, the head teacher, said that the pupils congregated in the bus bay at about 11am. She said she called the emergency services “to get the group under control”. The pupils ran off when the police arrived.

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Anonymous said...

The little b*ggers should be made to wear potato sacks until they have earned enough money to reimburse their parents.

And that isn't an exorbitant price for a school blazer. There are much pricier children's clothes flying off the rails in most clothing stores.