Sunday 21 October 2007

Journalistic Integrity

Did you see that the Independent has been caught reproducing a foreign office press release almost verbatim on pages two and three of last Thursday's edition? The press release, which concerned the new EU (not a) constitution, was published under the grand heading of "10 Myths about the EU treaty", and consisted of an attempt to disprove certain (often justified) criticisms that have been directed at the "reform treaty".

The story was first broken by Neil O'Brien at the Spectator's Coffee House blog, although I first became aware of it via Guido Fawkes (who has also written a follow-up post here, regarding the response of the Independent's editor Simon Kelner). I'd recommend reading these links to get the full story. In the meantime, I actually have very little to say about this. After all, what can I add, which is not immediately apparent from the facts?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Fulham Reactionary, - you better read this!

A Free Man said...

This is getting boring! They will not listen to us, they do not represent us (our MPs) they are dedicated to the dissolution of who we are, our race, our traditions and our soverignty.

They are traitors, and this does not change, whoever holds power. I love Europe and despise the EU, which is in its essence anti-European.

Every single head of government is to a greater or lesser degree, part of this open conspiracy to replace us with the third world.

And we keep on voting for them? Why? We either need to vote for some cranks or none who presently put themselves forward for power.

They do not hide their contempt for us, they legislate their contempt for us, they sell us at every juncture, if ever they have a choice to stand up for our liberty or stab us in the back, the go for the latter. And this in daylight for all to see!!

Where are the protests? Where are the street baricades?

This is the fullfilment of 40 years of socialist propaganda, from comedy to documentatries to 'facual' news coverage, to school indoctrination to unlimited immigration to 'race hate' laws to smoking bans to hunting bans and the disposession of the House of Lords.

All are all part of the long steady march toward a new socialist utopia in which the white Christian West is to be replaced by a hedonistic 'enlightened' multi-racial, multi-cultural, athiestic society of autonomous individuals who are told and believe they are free, when in fact we will be slaves, imprisoned to our lusts and the allowed groupthing of the day.

We are literally being sold into slavery!