Monday, 23 April 2007

"Christian leaders" shill for Islamification

Christian leaders are advising people to use their vote to defeat British National Party (BNP) candidates in next week’s elections, the Evangelical Alliance has told Christian Today.

They are encouraging people to use their vote so that other candidates are elected, and the BNP does not get seats through voter apathy.
Actually, the old canard that the BNP wins in areas of low turnout is largely untrue. According to the Sunday Times voter turnout actually increases when the BNP run a candidate. The BNP provide an alternative to people disillusioned with the Godlike (three in one) main parties.
“The BNP is trying to present itself as a respectable and non-racist party,” an Evangelical Alliance statement comments. Party leader Nick Griffin said in a speech last November that he wants this country to be “free, Christian and British.”

But Christian leaders are urging voters not to be fooled by the BNP’s attempts to make itself presentable.

Justin Thacker, Head of Public Theology at the Evangelical Alliance, said: “I don’t see how any Christian could ever support the BNP – its principles are entirely at odds with those of Jesus Christ.

“The BNP is a racist party, which doesn’t seem to realise the contradiction of using St George's day – which celebrates a Christian saint – to peddle its racist propaganda. This demonstrates just what a sham the party’s appeal to Christian values is.

“Other parties are just as concerned about the needs of the nation, and they do not use issues of community cohesion for racist ends.”
Are other parties just as concerned about the needs of the nation? Well, sorry, but I've always voted Tory, and I don't think that they are. Not under Cameron. Labour have had ten years in power, and in all that time have shown no interest in making the country a better place, and I don't really think I need to discuss the Lib Dems.

Incidentally, I take it from the comments of these reverend gentlemen that they are quite happy to see the country turned into an Islamic state. After all, they regard the BNP as "racist", for opposing this possibility, which is an almost inevitable consequence of the present rates of Islamic immigration and childbirth. Presumably they would be happy for Christians (and all infidels) in this country to be treated like Christians in Iraq, Turkey, or Nigeria?


Anonymous said...

"Presumably they would be happy for Christians (and all infidels) in this country to be treated like Christians in Iraq, Turkey, or Nigeria?"

In all probability, yes. Let's not forget that the next in line to the throne wants to be 'Defender of Faith'. There're very few people left who have an actual interest in looking after Christians.

The interesting question over the near future is going to be how can anybody supporting the BNP convince those who don't that it isn't completely incompatible with Christianity to do so.

The Green Arrow said...

The so called "Christian Leaders" of today are not real Christians. They entered the Church to push forward their idea of how the world should run and the chance to dress up like the Dave Clark Five. That is why the congregations are declining.

We need Christian Leaders who promote Christianity. Men with the courage of the early missionaries.

Fulham Reactionary said...

The sad thing is that the Evangelical Alliance can be quite sane at times. They're certainly far removed from the extreme liberal wing of the CofE. Which, I suppose, makes one wonder what a good, liberal, post-modern clergyman would have to say about the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Do the "Evangelical Alliance" consider the three main parties to be more supportive of Christianity than the BNP? If they do then they will have trouble trying to justify why. If not, then what are they shouting about? True believers are able to discern for themselves that no successful political party can be rooted in Christianity.