Saturday, 26 May 2007

Cameron: The public are delusional

A few days ago, David Cameron described those who believed that the government should build more grammar schools as "delusional". Today, it was revealed that 66% of all voters would like to see a state-run grammar school in every town. Support for this is particularly high among the poorest, DE, social groups, of whom 80% would like every town to have a grammar school. Obviously these oafish proles do not understand that, as Cameron's minion David Willetts says, grammar schools "entrench social advantage".

Anyway, presumably 66% of the public are now to be considered "delusional" by the leader of the Tory Party. Unlike, say, William Hague who, from being quite sane a few years back, albeit cursed with the charisma of a dried-up dishcloth, has transformed into a raving Cameronite.
Writing at Conservative Home yesterday, Hague asserted - to the derision of many commenters - that Cameron had "won the argument" and "faced down his critics".

Looks like someone's back on the 14 pints a day.

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