Monday, 21 May 2007

More Scum of the Earth

This post, the third in an occasional series highlighting particularly vile instances of thuggery (the first two can be seen here and here), begins with a recent heavily reported event in Sunderland:
A young father was stabbed to death outside his home after asking a gang of rowdies to keep the noise down because his baby was asleep.

Kevin Johnson, 22, was brutally attacked by the three teenagers, who are all believed to have been armed.

As he lay bleeding to death a few feet from his front door, the thugs fled – before launching another knife attack just minutes later.

Their second victim, who had not been named last night, was stabbed as he walked down the street. He was recovering in hospital.

Telling certain "people" to keep the noise down can be a dangerous thing to do these days:

A Croydon man was bottled by a teenage thug after asking him to be quiet while watching a film in a cinema.

The 36-year-old, who does not want to be identified, was ambushed outside the Vue Cinema in Hesterman Way in the Valley Park leisure complex after watching a movie with his wife.

He said: "During the screening a young couple were being very loud in the back row and I thought they were having sex. I asked them to be quiet but they got aggressive and the security guards took them out.

"I knew the boy was waiting for me outside but I refused to be a prisoner in the cinema so I left. As soon as I got outside he threw a bottle in my face."
Moving all the way up to Glasgow, we find a particularly disgusting case, made all the more vile by the fact that the lowlife in question had just been freed on bail after attacking a man with a craft knife:

The court heard Mr Biddell was putting a bag of belongings under a tree when he was approached by McPhail, who had an axe, and Orr.

They asked for cigarettes and drink and Mr Biddell said he had none.

McPhail then lifted his axe but when Mr Biddell flinched he said: "I'm only kidding."

However, when Mr Biddell dropped his guard and turned away McPhail hit him with the axe on the top of his left arm.

Mr Biddell ran away and appealed for help from passers-by who called an ambulance and police.


McPhail pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Biddell in Riverview Drive, Glasgow, last September 29.

He also admitted slashing Jonathan Cuthbertson, 29, with a craft knife blade in Howard Street, Glasgow, on January 8 last year.

McPhail appeared in court on the slashing charge on September 19 but was allowed bail.

Sentencing McPhail to five years and eight months Judge Lord Turnbull told him: "You pleaded guilty to two random acts of extreme violence."

Five years and eight months. So, with good behaviour in prison, he could be back on the streets within three years. Don't you just feel so very safe, knowing that the law is busily protecting you and your family?

The final worthless excuse for a human being is perhaps the most disgusting of all. Not only is he trying to kill people, but he is particularly targeting some of society's most vulnerable people, and is abusing a position of trust in so doing:

A hospital worker with a grudge against the NHS may be trying to kill patients by sabotaging crucial equipment, police fear.

They launched a manhunt after tubes on portable oxygen cylinders – used to help save heart attack victims – were found to have been deliberately blocked.

A top-level warning has been issued to hospital staff, and police are trying to catch the saboteur before a patient dies.

A creature who would be at his best swinging at the end of a rope, methinks.

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