Thursday, 24 May 2007

One immigrant the government won't let in

Yesterday, I wrote about the news that the government has granted citizenship to over a million immigrants since 1997. However, while Labour can't wait to bend over backwards to grant citizenship or permanent residence to terrorists, criminals, and those who seek to subvert or take over British society, there is one person who is, it seems, very definitely persona non grata in the UK.

His name is Tul Bahadur Pun. He is an 84 year old former Gurkha, who won the Victoria Cross for bravery in the service of this country during World War Two. Now in rapidly failing health, he wishes to move to Britain to gain access to superior medical treatment than that available to him in Nepal. The government however - the same government that has allowed millions upon millions of people into this country since 1997 - refuses to grant him the right to enter.

Now, I am as strongly opposed to mass immigration as anyone. But this loyal old soldier is hardly the kind of immigrant who poses the slightest threat to Britain. And it cannot be denied that we owe him a great debt of gratitude. He should certainly be allowed in, unlike the vast majority of the millions that the government actually has let in.

And, as a final point, what does it say about us as a nation, that while we deny entry into our country to a man who risked his life defending our country, we not only allow such sworn enemies of Britain as Anjem Choudhary and Abu Izzadeen to live here freely, but also hand over thousands of pounds of our money to them each year in state benefits?

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Anonymous said...

The reason New Labour won't let him in is that he actually fought in the armed forces for Britain and received the Victoria Cross for his efforts.

If he were a failed suicide bomber who had just killed some British soldiers in Iraq and needed urgent medical attention from the NHS he be in this county in double-quick time (with a nice council house lined up for his extended family once they had made it over here for the BBC / Channel 4 / Guardian interviews and photo shoots ).

PS Excellent blog - keep it up!

British National Party member said...

Gurkha's should be entitled to live here and receive full medical care.
This government DISGUSTS me with its wilful moral inversions.

Aberdeen Group Organiser said...

As an ex solider this Ghurkha must be granted the right to come to the UK. I know that like the BNP Ghurkha’s are the most Nationalist people you can meet. They love their country of Nepal, but they also have a great love for Britain and a great sense of duty to our Queen. Today Ghurkha’s are still fighting for us in Iraq, and they are some of the best, loyal soldier’s you can find. This just shows what low life scum we have in government. Let this man have the medical treatment he deserves. Blair is quick enough to kill our hero’s in illegal wars, but not to help heal them.