Friday, 4 May 2007

The Ideal Candidate?

Staying up - in my obsessive politics geek way - to watch the election results come in. Not much doing at the moment, and I do remember that it all seemed somewhat more important a few years back when there were still some slight differences between the three main parties, or at least between the Tories and the other two. The news that "two wards in Barchester have gone from the socialist traitors in yellow rosettes to the socialist traitors in blue rosettes" really doesn't seem particularly Earth-shattering. As the vile Francis Maude, of A-list infamy, has just come on I've taken the time to come over to the computer, and post this Youtube video, from Japan.

The candidate in it may be an utterly deranged communist/Fascist with disturbingly nihilistic tendencies, but at least he isn't David Cameron. And he is refreshingly honest ("I don't have a single constructive proposal...if I am elected I will freak out", etc).

(Hat-tip: Guy News TV)

Postscript: Francis Maude has just acknowledged that "things aren't going wonderfully well" for the Tories, which is always nice to hear. Also, Labour have failed to win back Blaenau Gwent in the Welsh assembly elections, which is excellent news, since the winning candidate Trish Law is an independent. Admittedly she's a socialist, but I'd still rather see her get in than one of the three main parties.


Fiona said...

Ha ha, the Japanese guy is hysterical. I loved the pointed finger and "give me your malicious vote".

Fulham Reactionary said...

Astonishingly, he managed to persuade 15,000 people to vote for him. Admittedly, that was only 0.27% of the total electorate, but he still beat 6 of the other 13 candidates.

Izzie said...

Wow, how bad must the six that he beat, be? I'd love to see their TV appearances, God knows what they would be saying.

fiona said...

Oh, the above was me, I have two names...sorry