Thursday, 3 May 2007

Two Pictures

Which do you find more offensive?

According to the police, it's the one on the left.


Wolfie said...

As a boy I had a toy gollywog, it was those PC-free '60s. I didn't even associate it with black people, it was just a toy and a favourite of mine at that. There's something a bit wrong with politicising childhood.

Fulham Reactionary said...

Indeed. Actually, I'd have thought from a PC persepective that golliwogs would be a good thing. After all, what could be a greater symbol of "inter-racial harmony" than white children playing with black dolls?

Certainly, I can't see how anyone can interpret a golliwog as being a derogatory depiction of black people. As a child I used to read the Asterix books (indeed, sometimes I still do!) and the caricatures of black people (and everyone else) in there were far more the kind of thing that liberals ought to find offensive. Yet I've never heard a word of complaint about them.