Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Muslims still throwing tantrums; Sun still rising in the East

Muslim campaigners have accused Downing Street of condoning Islamophobia by publishing a petition which warns that building a large mosque complex will "cause terrible violence and suffering".

The petition is one of the most popular on No 10's website, with over 45,000 signatures to date. It was posted under the name of Jill Barham. Attempts by Guardian Unlimited to contact her have been unsuccessful.

The writer of a blog called "English Rose", which links to sites supporting the BNP and "opposes the Islamification of this country", claims to be the author of the e-petition.

Muslim campaigners acknowledge that the plan to build Europe's largest Islamic centre in east London is controversial, but argue that the language of the petition is inflammatory and Islamophobic.

It states: "We, the Christian population of this great country England would like the proposed plan to build a mega-mosque in east London scrapped. This will only cause terrible violence and suffering and more money should go into the NHS."

The author of "English Rose" wrote on that blog, which is no longer available: "I am just a concerned citizen who doesn't want any kind of violence whatsoever, and it is more likely to be from a Muslim than from the BNP...

"The Muslim community will grow and then they will look at it as an opportunity to dominate. That's when the violence will take place."

But Raza Kazim, spokesman for the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said that he found the language threatening, adding: "The other interpretation - that Muslims are inherently violent - is obviously racist or Islamophobic ... Either way there's a problem with the wording."

The Islamic Human Rights Commission - organisers of the always hilarious "Islamophobia Awards" - is an extremist organisation masquerading as a moderate pressure group. It is headed by Massoud Shadjareh, who in 2006, at the height of Israel's war against the Hezbollah terrorist movement, appeared at a rally in London wrapped in a Hezbollah flag, and called on his followers to give "financial, logistical and information support" to the terrorists. He then demanded the destruction of Israel.

And suggesting that Islam might be just a little bit violent is wrong, because...?

Raza Kazim continued:

"There's a feeling that No 10 are party to the atmosphere which is being created; it's being condoned, in effect, by the government."

No, you idiot. It's not being condoned by the government. The government can hardly be said to be condoning every single petition on the site. How could they condone both the anti-Mega Mosque petition, and this one, which supports the building of the monstrosity? I know politicians try to be all things to all men, but still, to suggest that the government is both strongly for and intransigently against the mosque is a bit much.

No, the real problem that people like Kazim have with the petition is not that the government are condoning it, but that the public are. At the time of writing, 46,244 people have signed the petition. By contrast, only 232 people have signed Joseph Ashworth's petition in support of the mosque. The British public just don't want the East London skyline defiled in this manner.

The row about the petition has been rumbling on for a while now, but so far objections to it have only been given voice in such sources as the anti-white racist BLINK website. However, this is the first time that the story has broken into the MSM. Let's hope it will work against the whingers, alerting more people to the threatened building of the mosque, and increasing the number of signatories to the petition still further.


worried said...

I can't remember the original quote verbatim, so this is necessarily a paraphrase: "If you don't stop saying Islam is a violent religion, then I'll have to kill you". And said with all seriousness, and no trace of irony by the speaker.

Anyone know the original? I really need to be able to quote it correctly.

Fulham Reactionary said...

I'm not sure precisely, although it's not so much something that one person once said as the common theme, spoken or unspoken, in the responses of many Muslims to any criticism of their religion, particularly criticism that suggests it might be violent (e.g. Cartoon rage, Pope rage). Can't recall any particular quotes, though.

jamal said...

The petition need to go. Heres a little background on the racist petitioner.

Fulham Reactionary said...


As I just wrote at ATW, the only piece of new information that your link provides, and which my post does not, is the fact that a tiny number of racist comments were left on the petition, and that these were deleted.

And if you think that saying that the woman who set up the petition had links to BNP supporters on her blogroll is going to deter anyone on this blog, you are sadly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't racist, she was just as concerned as anyone else.
Doesn't make her a racist because she put links onto her website that were true articles taken from the press and actual events what does it say for the pertetraters and Jamal we only have your word for it don't we!
But then while you are speaking about and slandering her, you are leaving someone else alone!
Just because someone stands up for what they believe and opposes the mega Mosque doesn't make them a Racist!

Anonymous said...

Jamal. When anyone makes a comment re-muslims how the hell can it be racist?
What a shame for islam it's not a race so crying racism is lost before it can even echo.
Islam is just a death cult proven since it first reared it's ugly head, 275 million have died through islamic jihad in that period of time, trying now to say it means peace i'd say is completely futile.

The Green Arrow said...

No true Nationalist would have added offensive names or comments to that list.

However we know what the Unite Against Freedom crowd are capable of anything. I would look no further than them.

Aurora said...

Obviously if so many people signed the petition, English Rose was speaking for a large group in society. I think it's tragically ironic that she has now had to take down her blog and retreat for now because she said what so many were thinking. Everything on that petition was quite obvious, just look at Dewbury and what's come out of that.

Fulham Reactionary said...

The Green Arrow may well be correct. The likes of BLINK have been virulent in their opposition to the petition, and have been hammering the "KILL ALL NIGGERS" comment as if that somehow invalidates every single one of the 47,000+ legitimate signatures. Given how much they've made of that one comment, they, or someone allied to them, could well have planted it, and the few others like it. We really have no way of knowing, however.

And a note on Jamal: he's been going round every blog that has covered this story, leaving brief comments of the type seen above. I've seen him do this at five blogs myself. However, I would advise readers to visit his blog, just to see the truly disgusting face of the enemy within.

These two posts are particularly illuminating: