Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Yet another "Christian Leader" for Islamification

Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has been one of the saner voices among the senior Anglican clergy. Using his status as an immigrant to shield himself from accusations of "racism", he has criticised the behaviour of Muslims in the UK, and has attacked multiculturalism, even daring to suggest that there were many positive aspects of the British Empire, not least the work of missionaries in converting African pagans to Christianity. This has been in welcome contrast to the continuing idiocy of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, who has apologised for - among many other things - the work of Christian missionaries in Africa.

However, of late Dr Sentamu has been reverting to the Rowan Williams mould. In March he ordered the nation to apologise for slavery, and now he has placed an advert in his local paper commanding the British people not to vote for the BNP.

Dr Sentamu follows in the footsteps of the Bishop of Blackburn and the Evangelical Alliance, who have previously told the faithful not to support the BNP. One can only suppose that Dr Sentamu, along with his reverend colleagues, is unconcerned about the prospect of an Islamic Britain. Certainly, it seems that he is deeply opposed to the only party that has raised serious objections to the increasingly likely prospect of such a situation coming to pass. As so often, I am drawn to ask, who would the Archbishop of York, and those who think like him, have us vote for, instead of the BNP? Because none of the main parties are even addressing the problem, while UKIP seem to think that the world will be free of all problems just as long as we're out of the EU.

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najistani said...

I came across an interesting article on the irrational violence that permeates Islam, not just as practiced the stereotypical Bradford/Leeds/Luton jihadis, but violence as justified by the highest theological authorities of the 'religion'.

It has often been remarked that there is no 'Golden Rule' in Islam (Do not do to another what would be hurtful to you) . Islamic ethics only apply between 'brother' Muslims - the Kafirs are subhumans to be killed, raped and plundered as and when required.

So how do Muslims override their consciences and kill and hold mass celebrations of the killing of innocent Kaffirs? Quite easily really, their theologians have shown the way....

'It is impossible for Allah to know an act as good or evil, what he commands is purely arbitrary without any reference to justice, compassion or morality.'

Conscience and reason have no place in Islam, and Allah's laws can only be known by Sharia (barbaric practices 'revealed' in the koran)

Because there are no objective standards of good or evil with Allah, the only resort to maintain ethics is shari'a; and there is no role at all for rationality in ethics.

Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), the terrorists' favorite theologian, showed that there was no role or ability for man to understand Allah; man's sole response was to obey shari'a, making any use of rational faculties irrelevant.

This is why the reinstitution of shari'a is so critical for Muslims. Their 'religion' compels them to override human decency with this loathsome, sadistic dark-age barbarism from Mohammed's hate-manual, e.g. "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them"

The article also explains why Islamic societies have never made any progress in science. The Muslim concept of Allah is a hands-on god who micro-manages the entire universe, moment by moment, rather than one who sets up laws that govern such things as the motion of the planets. Thus both Newton's laws of motion and Einstein's theory of relativity are deeply heretical to Muslims (What else do you expect from a Christian monkey and a Jooooish pig?)

Read it all at: