Sunday, 26 August 2007

Getting their priorities straight

We can't deport him, because that would breach his "human rights". Now it transpires that we, the British taxpayer, will also have to pay millions of pounds to help keep Learco Chindamo, the immigrant murderer of Philip Lawrence, safe from those who feel that twelve years' imprisonment is an insufficient sentence for a vile killer, and who may seek to exact the justice that the state shied away from.

Among the measures likely to be taken to protect this worthless piece of rat excrement, when he is released from prison, will be the provision of a new identity, a ban on the media revealing any details of his new life, and the provision of 24 hour police protection, with a panic button being installed in his home so that, day or night, come rain or shine, Plod can hasten to the defence of this poor defenceless murderer whenever he feels threatened.

Leaving aside the vast cost to the taxpayer of all these measures, and the fact that the only occasion on which vermin like Chindamo leave prison at all should be when they're taken to the gallows, it is this last point which particularly annoys me. After all, only a few days ago we had the news that a man whose son had been beaten unconscious by Chindamo-like thugs was told to write to his MP, and stop bothering the police with such trivial matters as GBH against a law-abiding citizen. However, it seems that because he has killed someone, Chindamo is to be rewarded with a level of police protection that those of us who have inexplicably neglected to stab anyone through the heart can only dream of. I guess that in modern Britain, crime really does pay.

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