Thursday, 23 August 2007

Judicial travesty of the day

Michael Porter, 38, recently pleaded guilty to 24 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency against victims as young as eighteen months old, spread over a fourteen year period.

Now, one might think that in such a situation, it would be taken as read that this serial pervert would get a prison sentence. However, the judge, after hearing that he is now "a changed man" (as all criminals are, when sentencing time comes around), sentenced him to...three years of "community rehabilitation".

Another great triumph for British "justice"!

Update: This is in fact the third example of such lax sentencing to be reported this week. On Tuesday we had the case of Colin Read, the management consultant who branded his wife with a steam iron and slashed her with a knife because she forgot to make his sandwiches, and who got off with a £2,000 fine. Thanks to the Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. for reminding me of that one. And then on Wednesday we had the anaesthetist Stuart Brown, who was ordered to pay £500 compensation and serve a two-year community sentence after throwing his wife to the floor and punching her at least 24 times in a row over the purchase of a car. Prison, of course, is reserved for such really serious offenders as septuagenarians who fail to pay their council tax.


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Have you seen this case over at Devil's Kitchen (

Fulham Reactionary said...

Oh yes, I was reading about it the other day. Actually, I'll update the post to mention that case, and another, very similar, one that occurred recently. Thanks.