Friday, 10 August 2007

The "immigrant-dependent" NHS

An inquiry into the competence of foreign doctors has been launched by Britain's medical regulator after it was revealed that they were twice as likely to face disciplinary hearings as UK medical graduates.

According to the Times, three times the number of doctors who trained abroad were struck off the UK medical register last year compared with 2005.

The General Medical Council has commissioned a series of research projects which will look at a range of issues including the competence of foreign doctors and whether they are subject to institutional racism within the health service.

More than 5,000 cases were dealt with by the GMC in 2006, the paper said.

Of these 303 resulted in a fitness-to-practise hearing and 54 doctors were struck off - 35 of whom had trained outside the UK.

One of the common refrains in the hymn book of the pro-mass immigration left is that the NHS is completely dependent on immigrants to keep it going. However, I would point out that there are currently some 8,000 British-trained doctors who have been told that if they wish to practise in their chosen profession, then they should go abroad. And as a result of the apparently appalling application system for junior doctor positions, those who have failed to get places actually possess, on average, more impressive qualifications than those who have been successful. So it's hardly as if we're talking about utter incompetents: we're talking about people who would in all probability be excellent physicians. So why on Earth is the NHS turning these people away, in favour of second-rate foreigners, many of whom have a command of English so poor that they cannot fill in a death certificate, and of whom a more than negligible number may actually pose a positive threat to patient safety?

It seems that the NHS is no more immune to population replacement than the rest of society...

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