Thursday, 23 August 2007

Prince Charles faces "represcusions"

In June, there was a piece at Pub Philosopher about the truly terrifying threat posed by Cornish terrorists, who were reportedly targeting such "celebrity chefs" as Jamie Oliver. Well, you can sympathise with that, can't you?

Now, I read that Prince Charles has been the target of threats by another bunch of incompetent IRA wannabees, the Welsh Republican Army. The threats relate to Charles's purchase of a farmhouse in Carmarthenshire: apparently, the WRA doesn't want the Prince of Wales living in their neck of the woods (again, one can sympathise), so they issued the following rather amusing statement:
We, the representatives of the Army Council of the Welsh Republican Army call upon Charles Windsor the English Prince and usurper of the Title Prince of Wales, to vacate his Welsh mansion Llwynywormwood, Myddfai, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, by December 11th 2007 or become a legitimate target for Republican action.

We further call upon Mr Windsor to relinquish his claim to the title Prince of Wales. Failure to accept the terms of this warning will result in the most severe represcusions [sic].
I'm not sure, though, that Prince Charles has all that much to fear in terms of "represcusions", or even repercussions. The WRA is linked to the Free Wales Army, which attempted to blow Charles up back in 1969. Sadly for the FWA, its heroic bombers, evidently the spiritual forefathers of the Glasgow Airport terrorists, succeeded only in blowing themselves up.

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