Thursday, 2 August 2007

Pogrom time!

I see that Strathclyde Police - who clearly have nothing better to do than pander to the Muslim victimhood complex - have revealed that there has been a shocking surge in "racist" crime following the recent attempts by hardline GPs to commit mass murder. Yes, in this latter-day Kristallnacht, the number of racially-motivated crimes in the West of Scotland has soared from a mere 200 (on average) in previous months, to a massive 258 in July. And of these, as many as 31 are related to the attack of the fanatical Galenists on Glasgow Airport. Apparently, among the more shocking crimes of the evil racists, was "name-calling", although the BBC report also mentions graffiti.

So, to put that in context, there have been an extra 58 racist attacks, spread across a population of 2.3 million people who live in the area covered by Strathclyde Police. That's an extra attack for every 39,655th person, folks! A pogrom if ever there was one.

Of course, what the BBC, and the Strathclyde Police, fail to mention is that, as the majority of racist crime nationwide is directed against whites, then it seems fairly likely that at least about 120 of those 258 attacks were targeted against native Scots. And, it also seems to me that the police have left a rather important incident out of their calculations: specifically, the one in which a gang of Muslims attempted to blow up an airport and murder hundreds of people, on the sole grounds that they were not Muslims. If that's not a hate crime, I don't know what is.

In any event, I am thoroughly sick of hearing, every time a Muslim tries to bring about mass carnage and slaughter, how terribly victimised the coreligionists of the psychotic maniac are. We had it after 9/11, we had it after 7/7, and we're getting it now. Let's face it, being spat at in the street, or having abuse shouted at you, isn't pleasant, but it is as nothing compared to what would have happened to we infidels if the terrorists had succeeded; it is as nothing compared to what did happen to nearly 3,000 infidels on 9/11, to 50 infidels on 7/7, and to tens of thousands of other infidels in other attacks in the years since 9/11. And it is not only completely ridiculous and over-the-top for Muslims to complain in shrill-voiced outrage about a microscopic increase in minor attacks against them, but, considering what their people have been, and are, busily doing and trying to do, it is also in extremely poor taste. And the fact that our police, and our politicians, are joining with the Muslims in their whinging, is just testament to what utterly dhimmified scum they are.


Daphne said...

Have a laugh at a muslim - this pretty good. And it looks like you could use one.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Brill post Fulham I should put it all on my blog but I have put too much on today. Dont want the readers to suffer from info overload.

God I am starting to despise Moslems