Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Just lock him up, part 2

Earlier in the month I wrote about the execrable Pete Doherty, and the repeated failure of a long succession of magistrates and district judges to do the only sensible thing and send this habitual and unrepentant criminal to prison.

Now I read that this contemptible creature has managed to escape receiving yet another criminal conviction, after the police were too slow in bringing him before the court after he was arrested for breaching his conditions of bail. Apparently, the conditions attached to his grant of bail required him to refrain from possessing illegal drugs, a requirement too onerous for Doherty, who was arrested on Monday morning for drug possession.

The man claims that he is undergoing a rehabilitation programme to deal with his addiction to various drugs. Given his arrest for possessing drugs, it would appear that this is not going awfully well. His next appearance in court - barring any further arrests - is on September 4th, for sentencing for one of his numerous previous offences. Personally, I'm hoping he gets jail. Anything less would be (yet another) complete mockery of the legal system.

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youdontknowme said...

A mockery of the system? It happens all the time. This country has become a bad joke.