Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Who pulls the strings?

In a comment, Najistani points me towards the following somewhat worrying story:

Labour is involved in a new "sleaze" probe it has emerged.

It followed allegations that a Muslim businessman used a "front" organisation for secret donations.

The Electoral Commission confirmed it is investigating a group called the Muslim Friends of Labour, which gave the party £100,000 a month between April and June.

It is the first such inquiry since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister in June.

Glasgow-based Imran Khand is alleged to have injected large sums into the organisation. But as his cash did not go direct to Labour, his identity remained secret.

Until recently the organisation donated only small amounts, but it is now the party's second biggest non-union donor.

The probe comes hot on the heels of the ending of the "cash for peerages" inquiry, which saw Tony Blair questioned three times over claims that major donors were promised knighthoods.

The Muslim Friends of Labour - registered to a PO box in South London - is an "unincorporated" association, which it means it does not have to identify people who give it money. But the commission is investigating its status amid allegations that it is actually a members' association, made up "wholly or mainly" of members of a political party.

There are two aspects to this that worry me. First, there is the simple fact that our government appears, once again, to be involved in some financial dodgy dealing. However, while this is saddening - it would be nice to have a government which wasn't corrupt - it is not surprising. After all, we can't say that we haven't been prepared for the fact that the Labour Party may not always be scrupulously honest when it comes to receiving donations.

The second cause for concern lies in the fact that a Muslim organisation is now the second largest private donor to this country's ruling party. We already know that in many parts of Britain Labour relies on the Muslim bloc vote - the vast bulk of which (about 85% in 1997, for example) goes Labour's way - to keep it in power. This alone gives Muslims considerable influence over Labour - after all, the government doesn't want to lose the votes of this large and growing group, does it? Now we hear that Labour is in hock, not only to Muslim votes, but also to Muslim money. This is bound to further increase the influence that Muslims wield over the government; the only question being, by how much will it increase that influence? And how great is that influence already? One thing's for sure, though: the Muslim influence over our government, whatever its degree, will be malign.


Sheikh Ratalan Roal said...

Dear Brothers in Islam,
I am a devout Muslim with zillions of petrodollars to spend in spreading the faith. I notice that our wonderful religion is beginning to get a bad reputation among some of the Kafir press and broadcasting media. My spiritual advisor, His Holiness Mustafa Goht, has tried to remedy this by issuing the appropriate fatwas, however the Kaffirs are becoming increasingly impudent and resistant to intimidation.

We therefore need to use the carrot as well as the stick. Consequently, I intend to visit Britanistan shortly to solve the problem by making a number of purchases. I would therefore appreciate any estimates of how much it would cost to buy the following items:

Shadow cabinet
ITV (I've already got the BBC)
Gordon Brown
The entire Labour Party
The High Court
East Midlands Police (to complete the pair)
Oxford University (ditto)
The Immigration Service
The Foreign office.
A nine year old girl

- Sheikh Ratalan Roal

gatesofvienna said...

I can say with certainty that you are far too late those purchases were made a long time ago.
When signing into the marxist eu super state we also signed up to being ruled more and more by Arabs.
You could however bang some funds into our benefit pot to pay for the strain your brothers place on we the British public!
Better still hire ships boats and planes on a long term basis and take your brothers sisters and sproggs off to an islamic state.