Thursday, 9 August 2007

Islamic Tolerance at work

Despite a series of initiatives aimed at generating foreign tourism, the Saudi Arabian government continues to bar Jews and Christians from bringing items such as Bibles, crucifixes and Stars of David into the country and is threatening to confiscate them on sight, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

"A number of items are not allowed to be brought into the kingdom due to religious reasons and local regulations," declares the Web site of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the country's national carrier.

After informing would-be visitors that items such as narcotics, firearms and pornography may not be transported into the country, the Web site adds: "Items and articles belonging to religions other than Islam are also prohibited. These may include Bibles, crucifixes, statues, carvings, items with religious symbols such as the Star of David, and others."

As Neal Boortz said, "where's the outrage"? After all, Muslims are quick enough to throw tantrums when peaceful objections are raised to the building of an enormous mosque in our capital city; they must be absolutely seething with rage over this. I mean, they must be. Because the only other explanation would be that they're a bunch of hypocrites, and that couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Hat-tip: LGF


Anonymous said...

We cannot have the muslims throwing tantrums!

Anonymous said...


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Daphne said...

A good friend of mine grew up in an "oil field trash" family, which meant she spent 2 years in Saudi Arabia as child living behind a fence in a compound for foreign workers and their families. Recently, we were discussing the middle east and she remarked that muslims have always been good at chunking rocks. She experienced getting rocks thrown at her on the other side of that fence 35 years ago.

The middle east hasn't changed, they just brought it to us instead of confiining to their own backyard. They have hated us forever.