Wednesday, 7 November 2007

An eminent academic speaks...

Muslim scientists have made all discoveries of the current age, said University of Columbia’s [sic] Arabic and Islamic Studies prof George Saliba at a seminar at [Lahore's] Government College University (GCU) on Monday.
What, every single one of them? The internet, the motorcar, the human genome, DNA, penicillin, the lot? Wow. Then why have there only ever been eight Muslim Nobel Prize winners, of whom five received the utterly worthless Peace Prize and two the Prize in Literature, which, whatever its merits, cannot be considered a science? It must all be a big Zionist plot...

Of course, I don't wish to imply that I am in any way doubtful regarding the validity of Prof. Saliba's claim. I believe it just as much as I believe Dr Jerry Brotton's claim that the Spanish Armada was defeated by the Turks, or Prof. Jean-Claude Milner's suggestion that "Harry Potter is a war-machine against Thatchero-Blairism and the 'American way of life'". Because if an academic says it, it must be true...

Hat-tip: Dhimmi Watch


Andromeda said...

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Anonymous said...

The internet was invented by the Muslim scientist Timbur Naz Ali.

Anonymous said...

Professor Abdus Salam, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 was an Ahmadi.
His gravestone read “Abdus Salam the first Muslim Nobel Laureate”

But Pakistan changed its constitution to declare Ahmadis as non Muslim and ban them from Haj pilgrimage.

Pakistani police were sent to his grave where they erased from his headstone the word Muslim.
Now the defaced headstone just reads “Abdus Salam the first (blank) Nobel Laureate”

Anonymous said...

Excerpts from excellent article at :

Reports of terrorist acts no longer surprise us and the hypocrisy of “lowered expectations” toward Islam and Muslims forces us to put up with all manner of absurdities and irrationality from them. We’re like rabbits mesmerized in their headlights and all we can offer up is the plaintive whine “why do they hate us”

They hate us because we are their antithesis. Everything about us reminds them of their failings and shortcomings. We are the embodiment of post-enlightenment rationalists; generous, compassionate, the innovative and industrious creators and discoverers of everything the Muslims rely on every minute of their day. Every communication system, all forms of travel and transport, medical devices and procedures, pharmaceuticals and synthetics. Everything, in fact, down to their wristwatch and even the process that prints their Koran; all are a living testament to the infidel’s ability to organise his thought processes, to strive, through co-operative effort, with others in the development and constant improvement of the products of his disciplined, inventive mind. The chaotically fractious, nepotistic, corrupt and violent nature of what passes for a civil society in Islamic countries is, by contrast, their legacy. Like an insect trapped in amber, Muslim countries are museums, little more than a static display of seventh century pre-rational tribalism.