Sunday, 25 November 2007

Irony of the Day

Although the Labour Party is, in theory at least, strongly opposed to grammar schools, the actual number of pupils being taught at such wicked and academically elitist institutions has risen by over 20% since 1997 (clearly, parents are voting with their feet in favour of grammar schools as the institutions likely to provide their children with the best education). All I can say is, that I never thought that I'd be in a position to say that anything significant had improved under Labour - but I guess I was wrong! Of course, it would be nice if the improvements had been brought about by the competent implementation of good policies, rather than the incompetent implementation of bad policies, but you can't have everything...


Anonymous said...

Well I went to one of those dreadful old comps and got 8 O-levels, 4 A-levels, 1 BA Hons, and 2 MScs. I didn't stand out as gifted either, a fair few of my mates have done so well as to shame my feeble efforts. Back in those days of course, kids had to behave or they got punished - this is the real reason for "educational" failures these days, and it increasingly affects private schools as well.

Anonymous said...

Public Schools indoctrinate children to became socialist, politically correct members of the postmodern society.

The only way to raise your kids to become free men and women is to home school them individually or in groups of likeminded people.

Here in the US the number of home schooled children is around 2.5 million by now. Many independent studies show that homeschoolers are way ahead of their public school counterparts socially and academically. Any and all good colleges love having them.

I'm originally from continental Europe. Home schooling is illegal in my former home country and was one of the reasons we moved to the US. Our very good friends from England move here for good around Christmas this year.

Break free!

Anonymous said...

@ Fulham Reactionary

Love your blog. Found you through Gates of Vienna.


Homophobic Horse said...

I wet to a dreadful old comp and came out at with 3 GCSEs (2 B's and 1 C).

I have an IQ of 135.

Homophobic Horse said...
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Anonymous said...

Apart from being strongly in favour of academic "elitism", I'm also in favour of social mobility. The grammar schools provided a route by which able children from poor backgrounds could make their way out of material and intellectual poverty.