Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Hastilow resignation rejected

Tory leader David Cameron faced fresh embarrassment after rebel Tory activists snubbed calls to ditch a Parliamentary candidate who said Enoch Powell "was right" on immigration.

The Halesowen and Rowley Regis constituency association refused to accept the resignation of would-be MP Nigel Hastilow and instead demanded crisis talks with the Conservative Party Board, the organisation's top decision-making body.

Senior Tories had hoped the local party would drop Hastilow, 51, who quit on November 4 after refusing to apologise for comments he made in a newspaper column in support of Powell's 1968 "rivers of blood" speech.

Officials have been lobbying the local association in a desperate bid to limit the bad publicity, asking them to move on and choose another candidate.

But local members remain furious at the way Hastilow was treated by the party HQ and refused to accept his resignation, saying his views on immigration have widespread support.

Excellent news!

Meanwhile, Neil Hamilton has written an excellent article on the Hastilow case in the Daily Express! Yes, I know he's a smarmy crook with a deranged wife and a worrying predilection for loud, spotty, bow-ties, but his article is excellent nonetheless. Some salient extracts:

Immigration is out of control and millions of indigenous Britons feel like foreigners in their own country. Even Gordon Broon recognises this. A few weeks ago, posing as leader of the Brownish National Party, he promised “British jobs for British workers.”

All spin and lies, of course. EU law, which Broon wants to extend without a referendum, stops us deciding who we want to let into this country.

Two weeks ago, Cabinet Minister Peter Hain (himself an undesirable immigrant) came clean, admitting 1.1 million foreign nationals have taken jobs here since 1997, not 300,000 as previously claimed.

The Office for National Statistics says it is 1.5 million. Governments have routinely deceived the British people about mass immigration. Those, like Enoch, who campaigned to close the door, were abused as fantasists and racists.

Yet, if we had had a referendum 40 years ago, how many of us would have voted to transform our great cities into colonies of foreign cultures?


But immigration is principally a question of numbers. Our major cities have become a kaleidoscope of ghettos, co-existing but not coalescing. Manchester University demographers forecast that, by 2011 Leicester will be the first British city where Brits are a minority. Birmingham will follow by 2027.

On current trends, ethnic Britons will cease to be the majority group in Britain sometime in the next century.

Would you vote for that? Don’t worry, the politicians won’t ask you to.
Personally, I agree with everything Hamilton has written. And, as an added bonus, he's managed to upset the execrable Cameronite mouthpiece Daniel Finkelstein, who says that describing Peter Hain as an "undesirable immigrant" is an "utterly unacceptable insult" (he does not, of course, actually bother to say what, precisely, is so "unacceptable" about it). So, well done Neil Hamilton!


najistani said...

There's a new campaign to shut down discussion of Islam in the MSM, sponsored by Red Ken.

From http://www.24dash.com/communities/29255.htm

" A "torrent" of negative stories has been revealed by a study of the portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the British media, according to a report today.

Research into one week's news coverage showed that 91% of articles in national newspapers about Muslims were negative.

London mayor Ken Livingstone, who commissioned the study, said the findings were a "damning indictment" on the media and he urged editors and programme makers to review the way they portray Muslims.

"The overall picture presented by the media is that Islam is profoundly different from and a threat to the West," he said.

"There is a scale of imbalance which no fair-minded person would think is right."

BOLLOCKS!!!! This is not a "damning indictment" of the media, it is a damning indictment the terrorists, murderers, sadists, rapists, mutilators, pedophiles, extortionists and parasites who follow the death cult of Mohammed.

najistani said...


From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/11/14/nterror114.xml

"Terror targets 'must be better protected'

Dozens of railway stations, airports and power plants will have to be revamped to protect them from car bomb attacks, ministers will say today.

Big restaurants, theatres, cinemas and open-air arenas will have to follow the example of new football grounds and strengthen their defences too, while schools and hospitals will be issued with advice on measures they should adopt to guard against attack.

A report by Admiral Lord West, the security minister, will also say that more trained staff are needed to guard events to reduce the risk of suicide bombers striking.

The Tory MP Patrick Mercer contributed to the report, proposing training for architects so new buildings have built-in protection against terrorism."


What is the true cost to the kuffar taxpayer of having Muslims in Britain?

In Muslim countries infidels have to pay a 'jizya' - a crippling tax just for the privilige of being allowed to have their heads remain their shoulders.

Maybe we should make Muslims pay a tax to compensate us for all the negative contributions they make to our economy.